33 thoughts on “This Just Out There

  1. Romcam

    synopsis for really bad horror movie: ‘A group of anonymous commenters post hateful sentences online and then drink tea ..alone.’ dun dun DUN!

  2. TheMack

    Dublin Zoo need to get them some Beer Moles and also some beer. and maybe let all the animals go free but keep the beer. and no kids. just beer.

    1. squidward

      And oddly, filled with the comments of this pisshead’s AA support group who flock here only to support these inane posts.

  3. Frilly Keane

    He’s prolific
    Like the Roisin Ingle of Broadsheet

    Filling up available space with harmless cheap durge

  4. Not Leather Jacket Guy Using A Fake Account

    Lmoa this guy is savage craic altogether wha?! What a ride a well. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen lol lol lol

  5. edalicious

    I’m not going to watch it but is the video actually just LJG reading out content that he found online? Has he actually exhausted all his own “material”?

    1. rotide

      He’s doing it in a ‘gas way altogether though’. That alone is worth at least 5 new subscriptions

    1. jeremy kyle

      Meant to have a bit of rain tomorrow. I don’t mind though because I just made one of those “once in a blue moon” cups of tea where it’s just the perfect strength and the right amount of milk. You know the ones, where you take a sip and think “jakers! Tea is great, isn’t it?”.

      Might just have an aul banana for my lunch.

        1. squidward

          Grand this side of the pond. Slight chill by yesterday’s standards but still pleasant. Nice cup of tae.

  6. Bodger Jacket Guy

    Lol so funny. I’m loling here at how hilarious this guy is. Funniest thing ever on YouTube and this site is class for posting all his videos cause he is savage craic I’d love to go on the sesh with him id say he’s gas fun to have a sesh with lol hilaro lol

  7. Ralph

    Can we all just agree to ignore these posts? The content is obviously rubbish but I’m sure the interaction is the reason why they keep posting it.

    1. well, tat's that

      I literally ignore the content and go straight here for the trolling…. trolollololololoolol

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