14 thoughts on “Miracle Of Fairview Park

    1. Cheech

      Father Romeo Sensini. They say he can climb three flights of stairs unassisted, and he needs only one nun to help him get out of a chair!

      1. SPAX

        My comment was about brotherly love. I don’t know where you get al fresco gay sex out of that.

      1. Cromuel

        Is this Broadsheet’s risible ladylike bowdlerisation at work or did you really post it? “Gob*s*h*i*t*e*” is normal Dubspeak and Joycean; “Gobpoo” actually suggests someone eating excrement, and always makes the stomach heave.


    So some local tracksuited yob stole that off an elderly person. Probably on the dole since leaving school after the Junior Cert because his parent(s) are layabouts who spent their lives on the dole too.

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