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  1. Panty Christ

    Amy, if you’re reading. You’ll find a better dude, he hasn’t moved past a quick poke in the field after a few strongbows.

  2. Soupynorman

    They had chemistry, that much was painfully obvious. He didn’t find her attractive though and had to cut the cord, unfortunately for all involved there were TV cameras on them when he did it.

  3. martco

    not buying this Irish version atall
    feels staged very like that Made in Chelsea crp
    also a product placementville
    predict 1 series run

    1. classter

      I genuinely do not understand why they have bought this pre-packaged show.

      Like the C4 version is fine but not special & certainly not staggeringly original.

      Surely the ‘boffins’ at RTE2 back themselves to devise/commision some relatively original dating show?

      If not, what is the point?

      1. Tony

        Yeah but the C4 show is one of their most popular shows. And last night’s RTE show was gas. Rather a copied format that works than take a risk for no reason. Not rocket science.

        1. classter

          I’m very happy to pay a licence fee to help encourage Irish productions. I’d even accept if that fee was slightly higher.

          If those productions are merely re-packaged versions of fairly run-of-the mill English productions, then I am not happy to do so.

          Taking a ‘risk for no reason’ is the whole point of a public broadcaster.

      2. ReproBertie

        The best dating show on Irish TV was Paisean Faisean on TG4. Everything else is a poor substitute.

        1. classter

          I actually did like that.

          I think they ran out of relatively good-looking Gaelgeoirs willing to go on reality tv eventually though.

    1. realPolithicks

      I use one of the VPN sites myself, it generally works well although I have been told that they can make you more vulnerable to malware attacks and the like. Interestingly you still cannot access the RTE player, apparently they are using some software which is able to detect if you are using a fake IP address. The cute hoors…

      1. Anne

        Oh really.. bummer. Did you try the RTE player with just one of the VPN sites? Might work with another one maybe..

        1. realPolithicks

          I haven’t tried any other sites yet, I assumed they would all be the same. i probably should give it a shot.

          1. Anne

            Worth a shot anyway.. there’s some that you install a desktop ultility, which would open a separate browser.. Tor works like that.. that might work. RTE aint that cute I don’t think.. :)

  4. Owen

    It’s beautifully awkward. Her stare after he said ‘maybe, as friend’……. blank, but dying inside.

      1. Mairead

        Watched it to the end and I’m no Navy Seal :-P

        It was a wee bit cringey, but oh so sweet – that’s a real man there, which leads me to question, “Where are all the real men these days?”

        Romance seems to have died on it’s arse, sad state of affairs :-(

  5. rory

    Not sure what to make of these shows. Everyone signs up for it of their own free will, but when it lingers on the harsher moments (for the audiences titillation, presumably), it feels exploitative.

    1. Cloud

      Generally speaking, those awkward moments and pregnant pauses are created (or exaggerated) in the editing.

  6. curmudgeon

    God so many white knights out here today. He was nice to her and let her down as best he could, he just didn’t want someone so overweight. Not entirely sure why Irish people think it’s ok to be so obese in the prime of your life or why they can’t understand that it’s going to negatively affect your dating potential. Slating the guy for turning her down is just fine though it seems.

    1. Owen

      Well, you’re clearly a complete bottomhole. I don’t think anything in the clip noted anything about size of either party. And no, she is not unattractive, or obese (as you put it).

      She is simply not attractive to you, and in this case, her date too. I would guess only superficial plastics are attracted to you.

      Tell me this, do you take photos of yourself in the gym by chance?

      1. curmudegeon

        Yeah, its gets me laid. And I’m sorry stating the obvious about someones physicality offends you but If you think looks did not make the difference in that date then we can’t be friends. That said if you pop off your high chair of indignation you might also notice that people can hold whatever strong opinions of smokers (for instance), but girls level of obesity is still completely taboo. I reckon that’s because it’s something that actually kinda matters. Alot.

        1. Anne

          He’s no slim jim himself like.. and just to be objective about it, while he’s not totally like the back of a bus, he just has a bit of a paddy head on him, she on the other hand is a lot better looking than him. She’s fairly pretty really.

          Some Irish men are deluded. It’s like hello, let me introduce you to a mirror.

          1. curmudgeon

            He’s a landscaper and plays GAA. So he’s not a small skinny chap by any means. He was good company and should not get lambasted online just because he did not find her packing attractive. But that’s exactly what’s happening. Btw I thought she was brilliant altogether. But everyone is saying that “she’ll find someone better” and not actual practical advice to save her the indignation of doing the exact same thing again only to get repeatedly friend zoned.

          2. Anne

            What I’m saying is, he’s no George Clooney like. I’m not saying he’s completely butt ugly, but she is a lot better looking than him in fairness.

            And sure she’s a curvy girl, but she still looks well IMO and he’s not exactly svelte himself.

            This is a very shallow way of rating people btw. Typical men for you. This is what you’re reduced to.

        2. Owen

          I clearly said looks did make the difference. “She is simply not attractive to you, and in this case, her date too”. I just did not ridicule someone in the process, or the Irish people. Go you!

          And yes, thanks. I will find a ladder as it is clearly me that is on the high horse.

          1. curmudgeon

            I’m not the one calling people names Owen. Oh and I think she was very attractive, warm and witty. But the fatness is a deal breaker and no man is ever allowed to admit that. So we have a case where everyone blows sunshine up her arse while castigating the decent blokey man. Yourself included.

  7. Chris

    I once was like this chap would meet loads of nice ladies who I had chemistry with but I would reject them because they didn’t fit the insane standard I had decided to apply to women’s looks. I grew out of that eventually a lot don’t though. This bloke will soon have thick callouses on his right hand to match his high standards.

    1. Anne

      It’s all about league isn’t it.. some ugly m’fuppers are clearly out of your league and it takes um a while to realise it.

      She was well out of his league there in fairness.. truck of a arse on him ffs, it was about two feet behind the rest of him and he bulging out of his shirt, and people are on about her weight. And that’s not even looking at the paddy head on him.
      (Sorry admins, fair is fair.. ye let comments through about her weight above) Just being honest.

      1. classter

        ‘She was well out of his league there in fairness’

        We are not seeing the same things at all

        1. rory

          Out of curiosity, do yee ever consider the possibility that Darryl and Amy might read these comments?

      2. Harry Molloy

        why does he deserve abuse just because he didn’t like her?

        fairly brutal that it was on tv but that’s the purpose of the show.

    2. curmudegeon

      Call me old fashioned but I don’t think wanting a women in her 20’s who isn’t grossly overweight counts as an insane beauty standard.

      1. St. John Smythe

        I don’t think you have a clue what grossly overweight and obese look like, if you think these words apply to this girl. Curvy girl, a few extra pounds, etc. – yes. But she is no where near unhealthily overweight.

        You might need to get out into the world a bit more to achieve a sense of balance.

  8. Zaccone

    The guy is obviously good company, and had fun with her on the date but wasn’t physically attracted to her. I think he did fairly well playing up the “lets be friends” angle given the awkwardness of being asked about a second date with a camera directly in front of you and the girl in question next to you.

    If she was lighter he almost certainly would have been more attracted to her. It might sound harsh, but its just true. There are exceptions to any rule, but for the most part men with options don’t usually go for ‘heavier’ women.

    He’s getting far too much abuse online from people who don’t accept this reality.

    1. Anne

      He’s a bit on the heavy side himself.. he’s less options than he thinks he has I’d say.

      1. Zaccone

        He’s obviously got enough options to be somewhat selective about who he dates, which is something a desperate guy wouldn’t generally do.

        You seem to be quite annoyed at the poor lad for his not being attracted to the girl. Your comments on him in this thread so far:

        “He’s a fupping fatso himself”
        “he’s no George Clooney like”
        “He’s a bit on the heavy side himself.”
        ” truck of a arse on him ffs, it was about two feet behind the rest of him and he bulging out of his shirt, ”
        ” that’s not even looking at the paddy head on him.”
        “He’s no slim jim himself like.”

        Fairly abusive. Especially given he was very tactful in rejecting her; more so than a lot of guys would have been in his situation. Its almost like you might have a personal agenda?

        1. Anne

          “He’s obviously got enough options to be somewhat selective about who he dates,”

          Anyone can be as selective as they want.. a hobo can say he’s selective.
          The guy is single I presume.

          If you look at that top picture of the two of them walking out the door of the restaurant, there seems to be little difference in their size.. go on, have a look there.
          I’d say he has less options than you think he has and she probably has more than you think.

          I don’t see her as being ‘rejected either.. she was willing to go on another date with him, I think… that’s it. Sometimes you’re not sure, and it takes that extra date. Ye can read his mind though and surmise he’s not attracted to her over her weight, and he not far from being a bovril bull himself..

          1. Zaccone

            Hopefully this isn’t too ad hominem, but given your vitriol shown in the thread so far I think its probably a fair question. You come across as someone who has quite the axe to grind about how attractive heavier girls are even if society doesnt think they are, and about how terrible men are, Anne. It seems a topic you’re quite emotionally invested in?

          2. Anne

            I’m no more emotionally invested than yourself.. what are you trying to insinuate Zaccone? Would you like my height and weight and BMI? Would you then just read what I wrote?

            Yer saying your man rejected the girl because of her weight, when the guy looks to be about a similar frame – “If she was lighter he almost certainly would have been more attracted to her.” you said.
            And what’s she supposed to do, squint and he’ll be handsome and svelte himself? Close her eyes altogether?

            It works both ways..

          3. St. John Smythe

            He’s saying you can’t have an opinion if you’re a fatso yourself. With women, you have to be careful, your opinions are so emotional and subjective.

        2. My Meat is Murder

          It’s just the usual low standards from another of the resident sanctimonious troll twits on here

  9. wearnicehats

    What is the point here exactly? Yet another mindless crappy reality TV show sapping the life out society paid for by people who either get or don’t get what they deserve. It’s a dating show. On TV. In the old days here used to be a show called “Blind Date” where losers met losers and then slagged them off on TV to the delight of the losers who watched it. These two agreed to go for a date on TV – presumably all paid for by RTE Licence payers – knowing full well that they would be interviewed about it afterwards. Oh no wasn’t that just awful – nevermind quick turn over Come Dine With Me is on TV3

  10. Mulder

    At what age should irish folk start learning about sex.
    That was embarrasing and only a small clip.
    Suppose to use a word often hear, if keep laughing and hope it all goes away, like a bad dream.
    True love, how many frogs do ye have to kiss before ye find a big smelly toad.

  11. My Meat is Murder

    It’s astonishment here that 62 people felt moved to post comments on this thread about nothing.

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