‘Nothing Sinister’


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From top: Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy and acting Taoiseach Enda Kenny in the Dáil yesterday

You may recall the publication of the Second Interim Report of the Commission of Investigation (Irish Bank Resolution Corporation) at 9pm last Friday evening before the May Bank Holiday weekend began.

This was two weeks after Justice Brian Cregan completed the 29-page report which has been beset by issues of confidentiality.

The report noted that the Commission has so far cost €3,663,998 – including €631,000 for its own salaries, legal costs, rent, building overheads, services and administration costs;  €2,786,998 for  the special liquidator of IBRC (KPMG); and €246,000 for the Department of Finance for its ‘external legal costs’.

Further to this…

Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy raised the matter in the Dáil

Catherine Murphy:“… I raised an issue last week at the Whips’ meeting about the Cregan inquiry which reported to the Taoiseach on 15 April. It was published last Friday night and I understand there is an extension of time again. The Taoiseach needs to give some clarity on where this inquiry is going because it requires legislation on both privilege and confidentiality if it is to proceed. The judge could not have been clearer on what is required.

“The Taoiseach needs to outline what direction this inquiry is taking. Will it be something that is just constantly stretched out? Every week it continues it involves costs to do its work. It is absolutely essential that clarity is given on whether legislation will be produced in those two areas and if there a prospect of a conclusion to it.”

“A debate on the report is also needed in the House. It is the second interim report, which pretty much reinforces the point which was made last November, that legislation is needed if the inquiry is to proceed to a conclusion for public consumption.”

Enda Kenny: “… In regard to Deputy Catherine Murphy’s question on the Cregan interim report, the report was cleared at Cabinet last week. Believe me, there was nothing sinister in the fact that it was published on the Friday of what happened to be a bank holiday weekend.”

“I know that is always the story – that one is trying to ensure it is not seen. Let me put it this way. I can tell Deputy Murphy that I have looked at this and have given it a two-month extension. Mr. Justice Cregan has pointed out a number of challenges. Some of them are legal and some of them are constitutional, but there are a number of options to be considered.”

I would be happy to accommodate Deputy Murphy with a meeting either today or tomorrow to let her have the up-to-date, accurate range of those opinions, which include the possibility of a full-blown public inquiry.”

“When we consider that the Moriarty tribunal ran for 13 years at a very costly sum to the taxpayer, these are options that need to be considered. I will facilitate Deputy Murphy and anyone else and bring them up to date on where it now stands arising from Mr. Justice Cregan’s interim report.”

Transcript via Oireachtas.ie

The second interim report can be read here

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19 thoughts on “‘Nothing Sinister’

  1. Anne

    Nothing sinister and there are a number of options to be considered.. none of which the pea-brain could recall, as he’s a fupping pea-brain and he needs his minders to tell him what the options were.

    Seriously, this is what passes as the leader of a 1st world country in the 21st century.
    The man isn’t fit to teach primary school children.

  2. ahjayzis

    The little sleeveen has really changed his tone hasn’t he? Positively respectful response as opposed to the usual insulting brush-off.

    You only see the real Inda when he has a majority to beat you with.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      That’s only temporary, give it a few weeks and he will be back to his obnoxious, arrogant self. The carry on of the last 60 days tells you he has learned nothing from this GE or the last one.

  3. Anne

    He’ll facilitate Catherine Murphy in private to go over the options available… why can’t he state the options to her in the Dail for us all to hear?

    He obviously hasn’t got the mental capacity to go over anything too complicated, but it’s in relation to massive write offs funded by the public after all.. he could make a stab at it at least.

    This isn’t good enough.

    1. RobD

      He wants to go over them in private as he hasn’t a bull’s notion what they are off hand. Deputy Murphy should have called him on the options there and then but I’m sure some Dail procedure stops her!

      1. Anne

        That’s what it comes across as.. Like him saying the ordinary Irish person wouldn’t understand the fiscal space malarky, so best he not get into it. The fupping Pea-brain.

  4. Jake38

    Is the entire machinery of the state solely devoted to the enrichment of lawyers?

    1. Kieran NYC

      “Is the entire machinery of the state solely … lawyers?”

      Fixed that for ya.

    2. ahjayzis

      Don’t be so hypberbolic.

      We also shovel a fupp-tonne of money at the likes of KPMG and PWC.
      And sure why wouldn’t we, when they did such a sterling job of auditing our banks.

  5. fmong

    *Believe me, there was nothing sinister in the fact that it was published on the Friday of what happened to be a bank holiday weekend.” “I know that is always the story – that one is trying to ensure it is not seen*

    Translation: You know the we usually do where we bury a story late on a Friday night? Well I know it looks like we did that thing we usually do, but this time we definitely didn’t do it.. even though the end result was that we did bury the story late on a Friday night.. which is what we usually do, but this one time, we didn’t mean too..

  6. TheDude

    Did Enda really invoke the Moriarty Tribunal? I think that might have mentioned his pal some place

  7. Andy

    Super, Catherine Murphy proposing legislation to rectify a problem……
    Oh wait, that’s not what happened at all. Murphy just wanted some headlines. Maybe next time……..

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Yeah, Andy. we’re all really impressed. Like to tell us exactly how many pieces of legislation NOT proposed by the Government have been passed in the last five years?

  8. Frilly Keane

    2.78 mill
    For a liquidation!!!!
    Just how many branches and subsiduaries did Anglo have

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