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Eric Scanlon writes:

As you know last weekend Greenpeace leaked a huge amount of documents on TTIP [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] to shed a light on the secretive trade agreement, which will have wide ranging implications.

This (above) is what happened when Sinn Féin’s Louise O Reilly TD raised the issue [on Wednesday] in the Dáil during the statements on climate change and rightly tried to speak about how the leak showed that TTIP would undermine action to mitigate against climate change and create a race to bottom on environmental regulation….

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48 thoughts on “None Of Your TTIP

      1. Vote Rep #1

        While I agree there needs to be a debate on it, how does one debate a document that is currently in negotiation?

        That said, someone yesterday said that the different groups in the EU had already decided how they are going to vote, before the treaty has been finalised which is shocking stuff. I’d like to think that these people would read the thing before making a decision on it.

        1. AMam

          So if no public discussion is allowed how can they come to an agreement that is democratic? Where’s the oversight?

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Cheers darlin! I voted for Louise O Reilly due to a serious lack of any credible alternative to the FG/FF candidates in my area. I’m glad to see her asking valid questions. Makes me feel like at least my vote wasn’t too much of a waste.

    1. Dan Boyle

      Had already been agreed. Just more SF grandstanding. Better get used to it.

    1. Joni2015

      I know him perosnally and he’s a very decent and honourable man.

      People that bang on about TTIP are usually idiots.

      1. ahjayzis

        He’s a tribal windbag who takes forty minutes to say nothing when asked what time of day it is.

  1. Eric Cartman

    she went completely off the climate change topic to talk about a trade deal, this video is just a conpiracy theorist and shinner bot wet dream.

    1. ahjayzis

      TTIP (and all trade agreements) have a potential effect on environment standards of products. The leak detailed how the US position is that Europe should *lower* it’s environmental standards to allow their products in.

      Please explain your argument that legally binding treaties and trade deals have no impact, whatsoever, on national policy formation around energy, environment and climate change?

    2. Joe Samll

      Maybe BS should’ve referred to “Eric Scanlon, Sinn Féin Political Activist”. TTIP is worth having a debate about – its a big deal. But shoehorning it into a climate change debate and crying conspiracy when its ruled out of order is childish stuff. This is what we will have to put up with in the Dáil for the next few years.

      1. ahjayzis

        When someone is silencing an elected representative on the basis of his opinion that their contributon is not relevant, shouldn’t they be required to explain their rationale? What Durkan did could be done to any TD on any issue, he cited no rule, or reasoning behind shutting down an elected representative.

        FYI, TTIP weighs a great deal on any future policy making around climate change.

  2. Observer

    She was given the opportunity to show the linkage between TTIP and Climate Change and never did. There is probably a link but she did show one other than asserting it.

    I appreciate the need for the martyrdooooooooooooom from our SF brethern but there ain’t any here.

    1. ForFecksSake

      “Dairy farming contributes to climate change”
      “The debate isn’t about cows please talk about climate change.”

    2. Turgenev

      I didn’t hear her given that opportunity; all I heard was Mr Shout shouting her down every time he heard the word ‘TTIP’, like a dog trained to bark on signal.

  3. DubLoony

    Why does SF always accuse everyone else of having an agenda?
    Its how meetings are run, everyone has an agenda!

  4. Turgenev

    Quote: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) now being negotiated between the EU and the USA exemplifies the contradiction between Europe’s rhetoric on free trade and climate change. The European Commission has admitted that TTIP represents a danger to biodiversity, natural resources and the environment. In its official impact assessment, published at the start of the EU-US negotiations, the Commission admits that the ambitious outcome it seeks in TTIP will see millions of extra tonnes of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere. Yet at no time have European governments considered this a reason to rethink the deal.

    On the contrary, the EU is pressing for a dedicated energy chapter in TTIP that will see a massive increase in imports of gas and oil from the US – including oil from the notorious tar sands, known to be among the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive of all fossil fuels. The recent revelation that EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström has handed over the drafting of this energy chapter to the oil and gas companies themselves shows the contempt the EU has for all those trying to avert climate catastrophe.

    The new investment court system that the trade commissioner has designed for TTIP will grant US companies a new power to sue European countries over any future public policy decisions that could harm their bottom line – including any environmental regulations designed to prevent an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

  5. Junkface

    That man is an arrogant, loud Gombeen prick! She is right, TTIP will totally affect climate change policies in Ireland. Shutting down the debate is undemocratic and completely the way FG like it.

    She was remarkably patient and composed there, I would have lept up and clattered the bollox.

  6. Eoin

    TTIP is about the equalisation of standards between the US and EU, amongst other things. You wanna kill this bill stone dead with one point about it? Just inform people that workers holidays will have to be the same in the US and EU in order to compete properly. So either US companies will grant their staff a few extra weeks holiday per year or else the EU will shorten everyones holidays by a few weeks. Knowing what we know about corporate minds, which one do you think is the more likely outcome? This abomination is being hidden from EVERYONEs view and not discussed for a reason. I now have to tune in to Russia Today to hear what Luke Flanagan has to say about it because RTE WILL NOT LET HIM SPEAK ABOUT IT. That right. They won’t interview one of our own MEPS. Boycott the TV license and smash TTIP.

  7. Liam Deliverance

    Talk to the hand because the chair aint listening!

    Re-post of post I used on “Lukes TTIP” here on BS

    EPP, largest party, European Peoples Party(Christian Democrats) -215 Seats.
    Fine Gael is a member of the EPP.

    S&D, next largest, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, aka S&D, 190 Seats, Current EP President Martin Schulz is a member of S&D.

    ALDE, Alliance and Liberals for Europe, 70 Seats

    These first three groups make up the “Majority”, 475 seats, and the next 6 make up the “Opposition”, 276 seats

    ECR, European Conservatives and Reformists, 74 Seats

    GUE/NGL, Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, 52 Seats

    Greens/EPA, European Free Alliance, 50 seats

    EFDD, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, 46 Seats

    ENF, Europe of Nations and Freedom, 39 Seats

    NI, Non-Inscrits, Non-Attached Members, 15 seats

    From their websites:
    EPP – For TTIP.
    S&D – For TTIP.
    ALDE – For TTIP.
    ECR – For TTIP.

    GUE/NGL – Against TTIP
    Greens – Against TTIP
    EFDD – Against TTIP
    ENF – Against TTIP

    This is a rough estimation obviously but I make that 549 in favour of TTIP and 202 against TTIP. If one was opposed to TTIP those figures make for disturbing reading. I may have some errors, its hard to determine a party’s official stance on TTIP just from their website. This is just some food for thought.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      I find it awful that so many parties have decided, before even bothering to read the piece, which way they are going to vote on it. I would have thought that we elect people to read these things and make educated, informed decisions which is best for the country based on what they read rather than decided which way they are going to vote way before the treaty has actually be negotiated.

      It is a charade.

  8. Eoin

    That is disturbing reading. But we’ve all seen what happened when this government tried to rush unpopular legislation through under the radar. It’s not worked out that great. Now the EU is going to do the same. Though I guess there’s actually even less democratic process and accountability in the EU. Hopefully resistance will pick up as more info leaks. Greenpeace have helped.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      I have to add the caveat that my research took the not very scientific approach of looking at each parties website and getting a feel for whether their news or commentary is pro or against TTIP and using that to make my assumptions.

      I am probably wrong on those assumptions with some of the parties that I looked at but I just wanted to give people a sense of the numbers involved in the European Parliament and that really we need countries to oppose TTIP if one hopes to defeat this agreement.

      I hope a journalist, if there is any real ones left, picks up the TTIP issue very soon and starts informing the public on the finer details of the proposed agreement. I must also say that from what I have heard there is no legal requirement for the governments of countries in the EU to hold a referendum on TTIP and that it could be passed by governments on behalf of the electorate on any given day. Our own government has more than enough to deal with at the moment but tough, TTIP will have to be added to that workload, it needs debating.
      It’s good to see at least that it is getting some increased coverage and thanks to Broadsheet for contributing to that.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Hey, Liam, a bit late, I know, thanks for highlighting that and for those really insightful comments you left.

        1. Liam Deliverance

          Hey Brother Barnabas, thanks for that, appreciated, just my two cents

  9. Tish Mahorey

    Ah yeah. All the Young Fine Gael Bots turning up with their unfamiliar usernames to attack a post about Sinn Fein. So obvious. They must be taking time out from their Smurfit School MBAs to do it.

  10. ollie

    TTIP can be vetoed by any EU member, France have already said that they don’t want it.

  11. Truth in the News

    Durkin should move back to Killasser, what would he know about TTIP anyways
    Who elected him to this position

  12. Brother Barnabas

    Hello Broadsheet, how about asking Liam Deliverance to post/keep us updated on this issue??

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