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Going to Prague?


Marcus Bradshaw writes:

I run a small guided tour outfit in Prague called Naked Tour Guide. Our team have just produced a cool new map of Prague (top). It is a large format, high quality, printed map, showing not just the city centre, but also the surrounding districts (i.e where the cool things happen.) It rolled off the presses last week and we are absolutely delighted with it.

The map is divided into categories, marked with our recommendations of: Czech Food, International Food, Great Beer, Cocktails, After Dark, Great Coffee, Old Style Cafes, Music & Culture, Gardens & Parks and Film & Fun. We have not accepted any sponsorship in the production of the map. Our recommendations are independent and based purely on our personal experience.

We think that it is a really cool guide and feedback so far has been excellent. We want it to become the bible for a weekend in Prague and we’d really love to promote it to an Irish market. (Ryanair and Aer Lingus fly here every day).

We’ve shouldered the production costs ourselves as we want the map to help raise our profile as a tour company. Our hope is that some of the people who will use the map will decide to join one of our tours and thus the map will pay for itself. As for the people who decide not to take a tour, they still get a bloody good map.

P.S. Massive shout out to young DIT architecture graduate Jo Flahive, who did most of the design work for us!

Naked Tour Guide Prague

13 thoughts on “The Guide Of Prague

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Looks great. I’m sorry I didn’t see this before I went there. I found it to be too touristy and busy and was underwhelmed.

  2. munkifisht

    Sounds like the Fat Bike tour in Berlin (and if you’re ever there, take the tour). Saw loads of really cool things and heard loads of really cool stories (like about the runway on top of hte Luftwaffe’s former HQ, or how US embassy had requested to move the Brandenburg gate so they could install some new security). We were wowing locals later on about their city.

    1. munkifisht

      In short… it’s always a good idea to do a good tour with people who know their stuff.

  3. Jo Flahive

    I actually collect city maps as my travel souvenirs so I was incredibly excited when Marcus suggested we’d make one ourselves. I’m really proud of the map, we focused on making something beautiful, functional and super legible. Marcus and his team sweated over the recommendations… there are a max of 10 per category.. so they really are their absolute favourites. Places they’ve been themselves and always head back to, I hope people enjoy Prague, the map and book a tour.

  4. Stephanie

    Prague was beautiful at Christmastime! I had no feeling of it being the least bit touristy. Stay away from High Season!

  5. Marcus Bradshaw

    I must publicly express my thanks to Jo Flahive. I had the idea and the inspiration for the project, but she had the determination and the endurance to get it across the line. Thank you Jo, this is something that you can be very proud of. Well done.

  6. Frank

    I’m an American who visits Prague once a year and I’d love to have this map. Is it available online?

  7. Frank

    Thanks, Marcus. Your early morning tour looks interesting. I may book that one on my next visit.

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