Oil And Water



This afternoon.

Woodburn Forest, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.

Richard writes:

Are you guys aware what is happening up in Woodburn forest outside Belfast. A company is trying to drill an well for oil in a drinking water catchment area (200m from homes and 380m from North Woodburn Reservoir)…

Don’t Drill Antrim Water (Facebook)

Council to review Woodburn Forest oil drill project issues, court hears (Belfast Telegraph)

13 thoughts on “Oil And Water

      1. Fully Keen

        Any welsh forests we should worry about too? Or Scotch? Or… French? If we are going all out Gaylick connections.

        UK is our problem now?

        I also see a Belfast paper is on about Star Wars filming in Ulster. We are a mixed up little island.

  1. Baz

    Amazing that those so dependent on others (read taxpayers and welfare payments and idiotic charities, and waffling university environment departments etc) are so insistent on harassing and slowing the work and productivity of those that generate the wealth that the obstructionists depend on.


    1. DubLoony

      Oil – you can’t drink it.
      Water – can’t live 3 days without it.
      Obstruct away.

  2. phill

    great business model, abundant water- frack and pollute source of water, get some gas/oil, reduce abundant supply of drinkable water, drive up the cost of water.

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