For Euro Consideration: Summer Of ’16


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Andy Wilson and the Longshots – Summer of ’16

DeepRed Productions write:

We’re a video production team that just made this music video for local Cork musician Andy Wilson. It’s a soccer song for the upcoming Euros and we hope it catches on!

DeepRed Productions

Euro 2016 tunage to marked ‘For Euro Consideration’.

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6 thoughts on “For Euro Consideration: Summer Of ’16

  1. Cynic

    You will all enjoy some early prospect of success then suffer miserable disappointment and anti-climax.

  2. Mr Cabratastic

    Wales are 2-0 already- Manics & The Super Furys knocked it out of the park with their efforts
    Triffic stuff

  3. Mulder

    Now thats next years eurovision entry sorted.
    If can only get wee Daniel O` Donnell to sing it or hum it.
    Och aye here we go, och shrr here we go, aye here we go, put the kettle on mammy.

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