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  1. rotide

    No sympathy for strikers that target the leaving cert as planned. None whatsoever.

    1. rotide

      Never mind, they’ve changed times to avoid the leaving, maybe they are human afterall

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Well just as well, if they’d continued on with that they’d be doing themselves no favours. Coz their behaviour so far has been superb.

        Targeting kids doing State Exams is low, even for Luas drivers.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Grand. Similarly, I hope you never kick any puppies. That would be a terrible thing for you to do. I mean, I have no evidence you’ve ever done that but I’m going to put your name in a sentence with puppy kicking in a public forum anyway.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Great job there Moyest. Spectacular leap of logic.

            The Luas drivers have repeatedly threatened strike on days they should not have. St Patrick’s Day, our Centenary of the Rising, our State Exams. Now to be fair to them, not all strike threats have been followed through on, but still, the choosing of those dates shows, to me, a considerable disregard for anyone anything other than their own cause.

            This is my opinion on it and you calling me a puppy kicker or whatever juvenile nonsense isn’t going to change that.

          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            So, to clarify my point. I see that the Luas drivers inadvertently scheduled their strike for State Exams. It is good that they changed it and that it was an accident as opposed to targeting kids who have enough on their plate with their exams.

          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            Cheers for that Deluded. You’re a great lad for clearing up the misunderstandings.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I don’t know that the strikes were originally planned to ‘target’ students”

            Exactly. And I don’t know if you or Meadow ever intended to kick puppies.

          6. Deluded

            You’re wrong.
            There are strikes, but no kicking, nor plans to kick, in fact no mention of kicking.

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I mean, I have no evidence you’ve ever done that but I’m going to put your name in a sentence with puppy kicking in a public forum anyway.”

            I’m not really sure you understand what’s happening here. Read the above again. My point, which I thought was obvious, was that we can all cast aspersions on people’s character and hide behind the flag of speculation. The strikers are *not* targeting LC students. They *specifically* changed their strike times once they found out the original times clashed with the LC. But people still find it fitting to talk about how horrible they’d be if they did it….even though they’re not doing it. Grand. I can wonder out loud about how awful you and meadow would be if you kicked puppies then. I mean, I have no evidence you’d do that but that seems to be OK for speculating about luas drivers.

          8. Deluded

            Still wrong. The dates were decided with plenty of time to consider the effects on, for instance, St Patrick’s Day and the Easter celebrations.
            Your quibble appears to be with media reporting of SIPTU tactics.
            The aspersions cast on the character and conduct of someone who has made no mention of kicking or targeting of animals are misplaced and inappropriate to the discussion.

          9. Owen C

            We have a fact – the strike was originally scheduled on the same day as exams. This is irrefutable. The suggestion was then that this may have been deliberately targetted. That suggestion is wrong, but it didn’t just magic itself up out of nowhere. Its a perfectly logical, even if incorrect, suggestion to make. It is not illogical. It is an opinion or suggestion based on facts.

            In contrast, the kicking of puppies has absolutely nothing to back it up – no kicking, no puppies, no suggestions of either kicking or puppies, no prior history of kicking or puppy-related activities. It is literally 100% baseless, by definition.

            Do you understand the ridiculousness of your suggestion, the inherent illogical nature to it?

          10. MoyestWithExcitement

            “The dates were decided with plenty of time to consider the effects on, for instance, St Patrick’s Day and the Easter celebrations.”

            Uh huh. We’re talking about the leaving cert. Good man.

          11. Deluded

            The dates were decided with plenty of time to consider the effects on, for instance, the Leaving Cert.

        1. Deluded

          Hi meadowlark, I have one quibble –
          “Targeting kids doing State Exams is low, even for Luas drivers.” (emphasis mine)
          I don’t think the drivers are being “low”, to be honest, I think the strikes are being orchestrated by SIPTU, hence the hardball tactics. As regards their demands, I don’t think €34k starting wage for a driver is reasonable, drivers who are, I presume, mature, settled and dependable with their own transport, who are available night or day at weekends and bank holidays. I wonder why they get more money for years served, surely they are doing the exact same job with the same responsibilities as the day they started, but at the heart of that is the pay grades for supervisors and managers and the precedents set there.
          The 52% increase is constantly touted as an outrageous demand when the actual terms and conditions are far more modest.
          I believe this group of workers are being eh, “driven” to extreme action and are being used to test the water for future public sector strikes.
          (I confess, I did once kick a ball with Hush Puppies.)

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Good point, Deluded. When I said “even for luas drivers”, it was said in the context of rotide’s original comments. I don’t believe that the luas workers are entitled to 52% pay rise. It’s a mad figure. But they, like all workers, are entitled to ask for more money, and they may well deserve it. That’s not my call, of course. I think you’re dead right as regards SIPTU, and they are making a bad situation worse. I did think that the luas drivers had planned to target the LC students etc, and I would have thought this very poor form, and up there with targeting our national holiday, and centenary celebration. But as you showed, it was not intentional, and changed once the issue was raised.

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