Staying In Tonight?


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The Guards.

On RTÉ Two at 9.55pm.

Gareth Naughton writes:

RTÉ2 is broadcasting a landmark documentary tonight giving viewers an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at frontline policing in Dublin city centre.

The first episode airs tonight and hones in on the Gardaí’s efforts to tackle the problems associated with drugs and drug dealing in the city centre.

Suspiciously Timely, in fairness.

16 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Condescending nana

    landmark? behind the scenes? most people see this everyday and chose to ignore it because of their petty middle class aspirations. How about a documentary about how assisting parents raising up their children in the deprived areas of the north side dublin is helping making real landmark changes? not enough action or prodding to pay the cops more there?

  2. Jake38

    I wish we could have some TV cameras a little further down the Liffey in the Four Courts, so the taxpayers could see exactly the expensive farce that their tax euros are funding. God knows why the Gardai bother.

  3. ForFecksSake

    Can’t wait to hear them say “There’s nothing we can do” to almost everyone who reports a crime.

    1. curmudegon

      “Oh yeah we’ll send someone out” – never arrives. “Stolen farm machinery found located on a halting site, sorry nothing we can do”. “Garage selling written-off cars with false documents – sorry that’s a civil matter”. “Prostitutes set up shop in the apartment next to you – no way we can prove that, sorry our hands are tied”.

  4. B Hewson

    And another suspended sentence for the heroin dealer with 100 previous suspended sentences….Judgements against repeat offenders are a joke in Ireland.

    1. postmanpat

      Wrong .You should replace “heroin dealer” with “violent mugger” and you would be right. They (the courts) crucify you for non violent drug related crimes in this country. While on Jury duty I saw a corner boy caught selling a teeny weeny bag of H get read out 5 separate charges. The DPP threw the book at him. It is the vicious psychos and white collars that walk free time and time again. The WOD is a cottage industry for the courts and police unions. When the Drug Lords AND Police agree that drugs should remain illegal then you know the situation is effed up! Everyone knows it. The more middle class white people that get dragged through the courts for spliff and rec drugs the more this injustice is highlighted.

  5. inapro

    watch guards brag on telly too about drugs seizures? nah youre grand. I support a different approach, one that works

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