9 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. bisted

      …hadn’t much to say when he was rubber stamping the water legislation…no matter what side you are on, for him not to acknowledge one of the most devisive pieces of legislation for Ireland shows him for the spineless labour factotem he is.

      1. rotide

        And with that paragraph Bisted shows that with no understanding of any sort of politics in Ireland and no knowledge of history, anything he says can be treated in roughly the same manner as a cat yowling for some more milk.

        Good kitty bisted.

      2. Sheik Yahbouti

        You would have preferred if he had referred it to our current Supreme Court, who would have found it constitutional, and thereby render it immune from challenge forever? OK, so.

  1. DD

    Alan Kelly, still providing classic comic moments.

    Already pay for water, not paying again.

  2. Ballyogan bag boyz

    Swedes give 6 hour work day a try…. Interesting. Honestly i don’t feel very productive between 3-5.30 and having the option to pursue other interests would only make me happier and a better employee. Employee engagement and all that..

  3. Rainy Day

    Get back to work you slacker!!!!!!
    Why aren’t you trying to out stay your fellow employees between 5 and 6:30 by just hanging around doing work you should have done around 10:30 this morning!!…….remember the last grunt to turn off their PC is the best employee regardless of the pointless nature of how the use their time…..looking at Broadsheet for example!!

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