14 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Better still dylad, how did it get on the front page?

      -I’m always slightly cynical of any place whose name begins with a ‘hard C’. (Corry Frilly.)
      -I suspect there may be a nod and a wink or two or three hidden between the lines there. Cork people are like that

    2. SPANX

      They should have gone with something about the cyborg arm – maybe a mock-up of someone wearing two cyborg arms. I’d have bought that.

    1. Anomanomanom

      That video shows nothing more than people doing a job, does not matter if you think it’s a scummy job, covering up because they don’t want to be recorded. Maybe they do hate the job or maybe they love it but some people have to work at anything they can get.

      1. some old queen

        No I don’t agree. It is the guard’s job to ensure the law is upheld. What was their job exactly? To forcibly evict someone even though what they were going to do was illegal?

        Not acceptable.

      2. Irlandesa

        You mustn’t have watched it. It shows a lot more than that. It shows masked heavies arriving in a cars with blocked out number-plate, with no execution order, intimidating people on their private property, all with the consent and backing of the Guards.

        1. Anomanomanom

          I did watch it. But I’m just talking about the men doing a job. Not the reasons or what the garda did/didn’t do. I would not want my face recorded and put on the Internet just because I’m doing a job. Remember the “protesters” that followed the meter installation worker home, that’s why I would not want my face being recorded. I don’t agree or disagree with them being there, but I would do the same.

        2. Anomanomanom

          Iv just rewatched that. And you must not have listened to a single thing in that video. Just watched it on mute. First off the garda states clearly that warrant was issued two days prior. Miraculously the owner/occupier doesn’t have it so the want to see the copy which the garda states again clearly is in the court. Point two, knowing how these type of protesters get the garda allowing, while with them, to hid the car Id is actually very responsible. Again I know it comes across as being pro “balaclava men”, but really I’m not I’m just stating it’s pretty obvious why the garda was allowing this.

          1. some old queen

            Personally, I would like to see each and every one of these thugs named. I have no time for these sorts of people because ‘just doing my job’ doesn’t wash. Let their communities decide if their profession is honourable or not.

  1. Owen

    Is the Zika virus a blessing in disguise for Rory. Now he wont piss off half his supporters for picking Ireland for the games.

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