‘Circulating A Snuff Movie’


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Gardaí at Avondale House Flats in North Cumberland Street yesterday morning, stills from CCTV footage released to media


Further to the shooting of father-of-one Gareth Hutch yesterday morning outside Avondale House complex on North Cumberland Street, Dublin – which was captured on CCTV and distributed to media outlets

Dublin City Social Democrats Cllr Gary Gannon, who represents and was born in Dublin’s North Inner Cityl, writes:

Whatever you may think about the so-called feud and the people involved, at the end of the day, these are human beings and to circulate footage of a man being butchered on a city street is akin to circulating a snuff movie. It is grotesque and does society a huge disservice.

If we allow these victims to be dehumanised in such a way then we, as a society, abdicate responsibility for maintaining law and order and protecting all citizens equally.

Whatever about those who released the footage I firmly believe it is incumbent on our media not to provide a platform for this type of footage which has the effect of sensationalising these murders as if we were dealing with an episode of Love/Hate rather than a real family and their loved one.”


46 thoughts on “‘Circulating A Snuff Movie’

  1. Jake38

    i looked at the video. I agree it is prurient in the extreme. It also does not look like stationary CCTV, it looks like someone was shooting it, controlling the direction of the camera.

    1. rotide

      Are you serious? You can’t actually process that this was someone filming something from a screen?

      Jake38 is the reason that conspiracy theories exist.

    2. Brian

      prurient :
      “having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters.”

      Do you think this video is sexual?

      Yeah, the camera did seem to be controlled. There is a remote cctv installed outside those apartments, on top of a pole just inside the gates. You can see it on google maps street view

  2. Tish Mahorey

    It that was the murder of a nice professional from Donnybrook then not one Irish media outlet would have posted that.

    It’s more of this social apartheid where different social classes are treated entirely differently by the state and by the media. It’s beyond wrong a major social justice issue.

    1. rotide

      If it was the murder of a carpenter from the north inner city they wouldn’t have posted it either.

      It was the murder of a murderer and violent criminal, so i guess they think the gloves are off. Not saying thats right but that’s what it is, not your self hating version of events.

      1. Tish Mahorey

        “not your self hating version of events.”

        Relax there Rotide. Do you think the points you make aren’t enough, so you have to resort to a personal attack as well?

        1. rotide

          It’s not really a personal atack. The example you made screams ‘agenda’ , Merely adressing that. Playing that particular ball, not the man. Not like I’m Moyest!

      2. Hank

        “It was the murder of a murderer and violent criminal”

        You might need to watch what you say. The only mention of a link between Gareth Hutch and crime that I’ve seen in the media is that he was arrested but subsequently acquitted of involvement in a cash in transit robbery.

        What is known is that he worked part time in construction and part time as a taxi driver and that he lived in a council flat.

        What are you basing your “It was the murder of a murderer and violent criminal” statement on?

    2. Continuity Jay-Z

      For example the Cliffs of Moher dude. 64 year old celebrity lawyer. Has he been named yet?

        1. Continuity Jay-Z

          Okay but it was euphemistically reported and then all but dropped. He just happened to be connected in the correct ways to the media. It’s a fairly serious indictment of Irish journalism how easy it is to suppress news.

          1. Kieran NYC

            I don’t know the story you’re talking about but it might be an ‘Is it in the public interest’ decision.

            Criminals shooting each other all over Dublin is a definite ‘Yes’.

  3. SanTry

    More unquestioned pro Social Democrat nonsense from Broadsheet – Gary Gannon lives in Santry.

  4. Gers

    “Father-of-One”, how about “Armed robber”?

    From the RTE article: “The victim was known to gardaí for his involvement in serious crime and was charged a number of years ago in connection with an armed robbery during which another man was shot dead.”

    Good riddance. Crap video, they cut off the interesting part. Couldnt care less about those numpties, they are so dumb as to kill each other, let them.

    1. Don'tBelieveTheHypeOrTheBBC

      What about the killing of an innocent civilian through mistaken identity?

      1. Starina

        well they didn’t show the footage of that cos the poor b*st*rd wasn’t a gangland criminal

        1. Don'tBelieveTheHypeOrTheBBC

          Was referring to Gers comment that they should be allowed to kill each other. The issue with that moronic statement is that they don’t just kill each other. As said below, nobody deserves to be killed and we should show some respect.

    2. Turgenev

      We do not have execution in this country. When someone is murdered it is inapposite whether he had committed crime or was a banker or a sweetshop manager. The person has been killed, and we should back off and show some respect.
      Well I remember the day ‘the General’ was killed; went into Bewley’s and there were people with white faces and eyes red from crying. Nobody deserves to be killed.

      1. Kieran NYC

        People with white faces and eyes red from crying over the death of that man deserve to be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Same when people speak about the ‘innocent victim’ who was shot a few weeks ago. They’re all innocent. Why do the media claim the ones who were mistakingly shot as innocent? Implying all others were guilty, and some-what deserving.

    1. rotide

      Dot, You seem to have missed the meaning of the old adage “live by the sword….’

      To make it a bit more simple: If you’re let’s say an electrician, you can expect to encounter electricity. If you’re not careful, this electricity can harm you. if you engage in criminal activities with criminal gangs, you can expect to encounter gun violence. If you’re not careful, this gun violence can harm you.

      Has that made it any simpler?

      1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

        Yes, it has made you simpler alright. You think these people deserve to die?

        1. Condescending nana

          rotide there is a bit a tough guy, lives a hard life, in his mother’s basement, strangling bunnies, accepting life’s inescapable hard truths, unlike us.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Ah come on now. Don’t be silly. How many houses have basements in Ireland. He’s in her converted garage.

        2. Bort

          These people would shoot you if the price was right. Do they deserve to die? No but they have very little regard for your or anyone else’s safety.

  6. eamonn clancy

    I wonder what part of “Your life is in danger” the poor guy didn’t understand? Walking around like that when even the dogs in the street know there’s up to 100K of a bounty for the murder of a family member.

  7. Fully Keen

    That footage should be shown on the six one news.

    People don’t care. People have no idea who quickly a life can be taken. How brutal and simple it can be.

    You watch a video like that and it effects you. That’s how things change. Actually seeing the reality of it.

    1. Bobby

      Show it and you risk desensitising people to it like the charity ads showing starving Africans. Huge impact when first shown and now people just ignore them as they’re common place.

      1. Scundered

        If those ads didn’t get results they wouldn’t still be used. However they may well be less effective as when they first graced our screens.

  8. Garbo

    He brought it on himself, he was a gangster, the sooner they are killed off, the better. Makes no difference if the public get to see him killed or not. Id say the lady who filmed the footage on the screen and stupidly spoke during it is in big trouble now – oops!

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