Defiant Runway


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This morning.

Shannon Airport, Co Clare.

Peace writes:

This morning at approx 6am there was a faith based action at Shannon Airport by Dave Donnellan and Colm Roddy in response to Ireland’s continuing support of US wars conducted in the middle east.

They entered the airfield and walked the length of the main runway (taking approx half an hour) spraying it with red crosses to represent all the innocent blood spilt by these wars. Two planes consecutively took off without them being detected until they reached a US military Lear jet, where they were arrested…

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28 thoughts on “Defiant Runway

  1. Walter-Ego

    Whatever people think the, if the action is stupid or not, it maintains the issue in the public domain and psyche. And brings up the debate, ‘should we allow the US Military use of Shannon’? Me personally… No we shouldn’t.

    1. Wayne.F

      Walter, Do you object to any of the below states using Shannon, Casement or Dublin? Because since the start of this year they all have, not a single protest from the Anti American, oops sorry anti war crowd for these planes.

      Russian, Swedish, Swiss, Belgian, Dutch, Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, France, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mexico and Germany

      1. arghonaut

        Can I get a link? Had a quick google and found nothing but am genuinely interested.

        For what it’s worth I am against any military planes from any nation using the airports of a supposedly neutral country.

        1. arghonaut

          From what I can find, it seems that the countries you mention weren’t carrying arms whereas the US planes often are. I’m not sure how I feel about the distinction but also considering 92% of landing requests are from US military aircraft, you can see why the focus is largely on those…

          1. Wayne.F

            None of the U.S. Planes carry arms, soldiers travelling do so with their weapons on the plane hold but no ammunition, it is allocated on arrival.

            All US munitions for Middle East and Europe are shipped Via Fairford in the UK normally on C5 aircraft. Unless you have evidence to prove they are smuggling weapons via Dublin.

            A private jet like the one involved last night would never be used to shop ammunition and weapons

          2. Wayne.F

            Also curious how do you know the planes from other states were not carrying weapons and the U.S. ones are

          3. Jess

            For gods sake, we know they were smuggling renditioned prisoners for torture through shannon even though they denied it. What possible reason could we have for trusting the Americans on telling the truth of what their sending through when we don’t adequately inspect the flights

        2. Wayne.F

          Jess, because of the type of aircraft used, if some one told you they were using a 2 seat car to transport 30 people in one run would you think it plausible? Anyone with basic knowledge of aircraft would understand why it is unlikely the aircraft landing at Shannon are carrying weapons and munitions.

          1. Jess

            They are not small planes:

            “Analysis of the most data collected by Shannonwatch reveals an increase in the numbers of US military planes passing through Shannon in March. The number of US Air Force and Navy planes recorded was 45, compared to 22 and 27 in February and January respectively. Most of these were Hercules C-130s, executive jets and other larger jets (Boeing 737s 752s etc).”


            so yes, I reckon you could get a bullet or two aboard a C-130 if you really really wanted

          2. Wayne.F

            Jess you could, but the C-130 is operated by squadrons that are not charged with munitions and weapons transport, lift operators for various assets and battle groups and short range supply transport. Of the 44 aircraft listed 6 are C-130 31 are 737 passenger and 6 are private jets.

            As I have repeated multiple times on here, Fairford is the US main storage and weapons Depot in Europe, the C17 and C5 that service it are all capable of reaching it without refueling or stopping at Shannon. So why would the US breach international Law, stop 40 minutes from their main Weapons store in Europe? Just to keep Shannon watch happy? Because there is no logic too?

            There is absolutely no tactical or logistical reason for them to fly weapons via Shannon its really that simple.

          3. Wayne.F

            And yest he C 130 is small

            Payload Capacity Approx

            C130 20-25,000 KG Range approx 3,500 km

            C17 70-80,000 KG Range Approx 4,500 km

            C 5 120 -130,000 kg Range Approx 4,500 km

          4. Jess

            “In total there were 1,393 applications for civilian aircraft carrying munitions to fly over or land in Ireland in 2011 with 1,382 permits granted. Approximately 86 per cent of these flights – or around 1,142 – landed at Shannon airport.

            Varadkar confirmed that the vast majority of requests for these flights came from American civil airlines and involved flights to or from the United States. The main destinations were Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan.”


            And seriously, to call a C130 Hercules small is a bit laughable.

          5. steve white

            miltary fetishists distract, it doesn’t matter what on the foreign miltary planes they shouldn’t be allowed through Shannon at all

        3. ALisonT

          There is nothing in the Irish constitution or law that says we are neutral. We do very well from our support for the US and as we have no way of defending ourselves we should be glad they are watching our backs. We cant rely on the sea and the Brits to defend us for ever.

          1. Delacaravanio

            The fact that we were neutral during the Cold War and the Second World War despite the twin evils of the Soviet Union under Stalin and Germany under Hitler threatening to swallow the entire continent would indicate that we have a tradition of neutrality.

      2. steve white

        100s of US military and troop carrying contract places from US a year pass through Shannon a handful from other Russia

  2. Declan

    If they’re bombing ISIS I say why not (walks away and prepares for the but who made them comments)

  3. Tish Mahorey

    Whatever about ones political beliefs, it’s pretty amazing that those two lads did that for so long without being seen. That’s does not bode well for security at the airport. And I’m not even referring to potential terrorism, I just mean anyone chancing their arm for a laugh.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      The head of airport “police” at Shannon (a.k.a. a “Joey”) is a self-important arrogant person.

      1. Mickey Twopints

        ^^ My uncensored version was a little more forthright, but probably offered sufficient grounds for a libel action.

    2. Kieran NYC

      And this is AFTER a granny did it (twice) as well as Wallace and Daly, plus numerous other people!

      What the fupp is airport security playing at?! The mind boggles.

  4. Fully Keen

    Who cares.

    Ireland manufacturers arms and sells them to countries that use them to kill people.

    Electronic components, filters for attack helicopters etc.

    But money is money is money is money.

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