For Euro Consideration: Graham & Nathan



Hand Me A Beret  by Graham & Nathan

Gallic headware-inspired ‘Officially Unofficial Ireland Euro Song’ by Graham and Nathan from the Zoo Crew on Dublin’s Spin 1038.

Warning: includes rapping.

Thanks Crossby

Euro 2016 songs to marked ‘For Euro Consideration’.

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17 thoughts on “For Euro Consideration: Graham & Nathan

  1. On The Buses

    Is the first line “the years have summer and away to france, the city of love and Irish romance”?

    Are they calling France a city?

    It’s an altogether perplexing effort.

  2. Tish Mahorey

    Are we the only country who celebrate mediocrity?

    When I hear people say a draw was a good result, I die a bit.

    We’re no good at it.




  3. Ballyogan bag boyz

    Ireland won’t win anything in the Euros. We are absolutely useless and anyone who supports the team is an embarrassment and not very bright.

    1. Charlie

      I’m supporting them and I’m a genius…so there! Look, we all know their limitations but it’s about havin some fun and allowing people enjoy the tournament and all that goes with it. Live and let live ffs.

  4. collynomial

    It’s the accents lads. Then again, any ordinary decent skin wouldn’t be caught dead making a holy show of themselves like that.

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