27 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Caroline

    Nice splash BamS, nobody seriously thought Gauck was going to do a second term.

    Delighted that young footballer is on the mend though. His absence must have been an awful worry for his teammates.

  2. Mairead

    I’ll welcome Donald with a nice spray curtesy of my uncle’s slurry lorry.

    Regardless of what employment opportunities he has brought about, he’s evil snd we could well do without a KKK wannabe setting foot in Ireland.

  3. moroccan rug dealer

    Saw Paul Murphy calling for protests when Donald Trump visits Clare . , calling him anti muslim, anti women etc. Be careful what you wish for Mr Murphy…we could have dangerous radicals that could cause carnage on our shores and you have little thought An Garda are stretched to limit with a gangland war in Dublin. Irresponsible spouting.

    1. panga panga

      we already have dangerous radicals here… an Garda Síochána too busy being Corporate Political Henchmen to go after real criminals

    2. Twunt

      Trump is anti Muslim and anti women and a lot of Muslims are anti other Muslims and anti women, so they are not that different really

  4. Kieran NYC

    About time the Luas workers saw sense.

    Only 18% though. Poor dears.

    Hope it was worth ‘Luas driver’ becoming a byword for ‘greed’ much like ‘banker’.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Perhaps Donald should de‘duck’ed this appointment from his schedule?
      It’s okay…I’m going…

  5. some old queen

    IT: Maria Walsh finds it hard to find a lesbian bar in Dublin.

    Then she admits she can’t remember the last time she went out. Sort of identified your own problem there Maria? Gay men go out a lot and lesbians do not. Basic supply and demand.

    Maybe someone could develop a lesbian app like Grindr or Growlr? Although lesbian dating is a drawn out affair. Lesbians will only have sex after interviewing each other’s ex’s, reading each other’s book collections and bonding with other’s cats. Gay men on the other hand, will have sex after just about anything.

    I jest before someone jumps on me.

  6. human

    Go Trump!

    We should welcome him warmly.

    We have big walls all over the north of Ireland and they keep the peace just fine!

  7. Sheik Yahbouti

    The Indahpendent saying it doesn’t make it so. Kenny should be impeached for wilfully working against the Irish people by instructing his minister to allow our derogation to expire. This was done out of pure malice and the hope of preferment in the future. Mr Kenny and his entire party (and fellow travellers) can eff off. If Kenny attempts to ramrod through water charges there WILL be trouble. Most of the opposition and portions of the Government were elected on the pledge to abolish IW and water charges – If they allow this to stand they too are guilty of a fraud on the electorate. New politics me arse.

  8. kirkbadaz

    why Irish Americans are supporting trump? they’re small minded inferiority riddled racists… so just like trump

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