For Your Consideration: How Not To Structure A TV Show


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Game of Thrones Spoiler alert.

Stephen Murphy writes:

Made this short video essay about the latest season of Game of Thrones and its story structure problems. Spoilers abound so this is one for those who are up to date on season 6.

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17 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: How Not To Structure A TV Show

  1. Harry Molloy

    Can’t watch this video yet but the season is annoying me as seems to have a lot of filler in it, unnecessarily long unimportant scenes.

    Peaky Blinders was the same last night. They throw boobies at us just to keep us happy. It seems to work too.

    1. Custo

      That said one of the worst television episodes I’ve ever seen. The show has tanked this season. Mumbling actors & a labyrinthine plot that goes nowhere.

  2. jeremy kyle

    There’s a fair amount of stuff to pick at with this season, nonetheless I’m enjoying it.

    There has still been a lot of good scenes and it’s hard to judge a season when there’s a significant portion of it yet to go and you don’t know what the payoff is going to be.

    I think splitting the characters up on an episode by episode basis seems like a terrible idea. anyway, that’s just my opinion.

  3. Fully Keen

    Best show on Telly. It’s got characters I care about and I want to watch the next one as soon as the one I’m watching is over. Can’t ask for more than that.

    And it has boobs. And sometimes arses and the odd willy.

    Can’t go wrong.

    Structure of shows doesn’t matter if I want to watch more of said show.

    Go critique a bad show.

  4. arghonaut

    Not a bad piece, but seriously, work on the V/O. A flatter tone would serve much better. The bemused inflection, like a teenager rejecting something their mother has cooked, is not adding anything.

  5. Junkface

    Winter will never come! They said its coming since Season 1. Christ they drag the poo out of it. So they are at the point where the books have run out this Season, and they’re writing new plots. How many books were there 9 or something? And winter never came? Thats taking the wee now.

    It is very entertaining at times though.

    1. Bill

      Winter can’t come yet because the white walkers cannot get past the wall, it is protected by magic. Bran has now possibly broken that spell when he let the white walker touch his arm. So winter will come.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      Winter has started, it’s just not gone as far south as where most of the characters are yet.

      And there’s 5 books, but two of them were split in half for the paperback releases. Though the writers appear to be doubling back and adapting a bunch of the stuff they discareded in prior years, so it’s about 50/50 as to whether a character’s plot is brand new or not.

  6. Davros

    Man with video with hundreds of view offers his help on how to structure wildly successful international TV show currently in 6th season.

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