Kit, But You Know It


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This morning.

The Olympic Council of Ireland launches the 2016 Irish Olympic Kit from American (was it for this?) footwear giant New Balance in the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin 1 ahead of the Rio Olympics in Brazil this Summer.

Top from left: Athletics – Thomas Barr, gymnast Ellis O Reilly, diver Oliver Dingley, middle distance runner Ciara Mageean, athlete Arthur Lanigan, boxer Katie Taylor, runner Mick Clohisey, badminton player Chloe Magee and hockey goalkeeper Davey Harte.

Why isn’t the male runner wearing a crop top?


Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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32 thoughts on “Kit, But You Know It

  1. Cata

    Katie Taylor – boxing for Jesus. Man, she was really quite around the time of the Marriage Equality Referendum.

    1. newsjustin

      What I still can’t fathom is how Gary Breen never raised his voice above the parapet during the 2nd Nice Referendum.

  2. Sylvana

    Shouldn’t the male runner also have skin tight short shorts as well as a skin tight crop top?

      1. Sylvana

        I wouldn’t be so sure or that would also be in the line up :) Looks more like the typical get the girls in the skin tight gear and sure no need for the lads to have to show off the goods! Couldn’t be having that….think of the children! (but lets make sure the women have no choice)

        1. Ray

          Fionnuala (Britton) McCormack often runs in a singlet (like Mick Clohissey is wearing there), male sprinters often wear skin tight shorts.

        2. Ultach

          Wasn’t there some comment a few years back about Linford Christie scaring the horses with his lunchbox (eg It is worrying, though, how girls’ clothes in general tend to be more clingy. This lot are banging the drum, fair play to them:

  3. The People's Hero

    I think we were all quite around…. unless you weren’t, of course…..

  4. Rugbyfan

    ‘Irish Olympic Kit from American (was it for this?)’

    Want to use O’Neill’s?

    UK use adidas….imagine and them being German

    Whoever has the cash gets the deal!

  5. ahjayzis

    Looks like the Penney’s sportswear department.

    Dullest most St. Bernard polo shirt shade of green they could have chosen.

    I thought the GB strip was fugly but it’s streets ahead of this crap. Could have been produced at any time in the last 15 years. DULL.

  6. munkifisht

    Perhaps it’s just me, but considering the hand placement, I’m wondering if those tight shorts might just be a little too tight.

  7. Mulder

    Here the models show off the winter collection for Dublin this season.
    What all the best dressed will be wearing this winter around Dublin.
    High fashion indeed.

  8. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    What’s with the fashionable ruching of the tights there?

  9. runner

    If you google her name you will she that that is the type of gear that she wears. In most races people have the choice of what they want to wear to represent their club, county, country etc. If someone is implying that she is somehow forced to wear this gear then thats complete BS. Thats what 1500m runners wear

    What the marathon runner is wearing is what marathon runners wear also. ffs this is a complete BS story.
    tbh I would say most olympians would run their race naked if it meant they were going to get a gold medal. I am an above average runner and I would wear speedos if I was going to run faster with them.

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