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Further to Frank O Rourke TD and his ‘mileage of shame

Expenses sleuth Ken Foxe writes

Twelve TDs are each being paid over €25,000 in travel expenses per year despite living within a 60 kilometre radius of their place of work…

the TDs are paid a tax-free sum of €25,295 each to cover the cost of their travel and accommodation.

That allowance is calculated on the basis of 150 overnights paid at civil service rates according to a statement from the Department of Public Expenditure (which makes up around 60% of the annual payment).

The only ones who don’t get the accommodation element included are the Dublin TDs.

The rest of the €25k-a-year allowance is based on travel to and from work, and whatever additional travel they undertake in their constituency or nationally as TDs.

In the latest publication of Dáil expenses for April, they are all listed as being in receipt of €3,803.75, which includes their monthly travel and accommodation of €2,107 and a separate payment to cover the costs of public representation.

Why do TDs living a relatively short drive from work in commuter towns get €15,000-a-year in “accommodation” expenses? (Ken Foxe)

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4 thoughts on “Smileage

  1. 15 cents

    its so much money .. and its not based on any research. just a number made up by people for their people. most politicians these days just want to “get to the Dail” .. its a cash cow, and they dont have to work while theyre there.

  2. Harry Molloy

    Travel and overnight expenses are normal and expected for any job where you need to travel beyond the location of your main office (constituency office in the case of TDs).
    But there is no reason in the world why these should be unvouched, especially considering all TDs have a PA

  3. boggo

    i live further from my work than Katherine Zappone and am paid 35k a year. I dont get another 25k in petrol money. I really cant see Zappone getting reelected. and shes a media darling for obvious reasons.

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