15 thoughts on “COYBombing

    1. rotide

      They’re going to love the other videos from the last week when they get round to seeing them!

        1. rotide

          ‘The last week’.
          Fans have been there all week and charming the world with how good they are.

          Stay in school pal.

    1. Tony

      Are you Cynic300? It made the same Comment yesterday. Ripped off from an episode of Friends too! Class

    2. Painkiller

      Well said..wtf is up with the Irish psyche!

      Let’s not go to a festival and enjoy the performances that we’ve paid to enjoy, let’s part-take in the performance and dress up in banana costumes.

  1. rotide

    Without a doubt the best part of the euros has been the videos of Irish fans. As usual a credit to us.

    1. Harry Molloy

      yep, and I’ve hated football for a while but then you see the craic you can have

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