For Your Consideration: Remain Of Thrones


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Radio Direland writes:

This is an important public service announcement about the consequences of a Brexit for Ireland and its Game Of Thrones fans. We can only hope that the people of Ireland vote for the correct outcome in the referendum this Thursday. *WARNING: Contains some GOT spoilers, although you probably know them by now anyway as they’re a few seasons old (mostly)*


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7 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Remain Of Thrones

  1. Mulder

    Brexit, unless ye vote, it could herald the end of the internet, and cause a break in our galaxy, thus affecting our entire universe and most important it could cause a devastating climate event, such as this present summer thus far.
    So now.

  2. Radio Direland

    Yeah, we thought of that… as we were filming the last scene and hadn’t time to go to the shops again.

    Walkers are desperate though. There is only one King of the North(side).

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