Staying In Tonight?


RTÉ reports:

A report by RTÉ Investigates to be broadcast on Prime Time tonight reveals serious mismanagement and deception by Paul Kelly, the founder of Console Suicide Bereavement Counselling Limited.

RTÉ Investigates – Broken Trust – will reveal concerns surrounding the charity’s finances with regards to cash receipting, expense claims and financial accounts.

The report also shows that, when applying for State grants, the charity on several occasions altered accounts to omit the reference to directors’ pay and other benefits.

These amounts totalled over €215,000, according to accounts filed by Console with the Companies Registration Office for the three years 2010 to 2012.

…In documents submitted to funders, the charity also incorrectly claimed that certain people were board members.

One of these was former senator Jillian van Turnhout who told the programme that she was “stunned” that her name had been used and that it is “hugely alarming that any charity would purport that anyone is on the board who is not on their board.”

Serious ‘concerns’ about governance of charity Console (RTE)

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13 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

    1. Sido

      They introduced one in the wake of Rehab. Essentially its a tax on village halls and local culchie bingo games. Yes – that relevant. No idea what other purpose its supposed to serve.
      A Kenny solution – Some of my mates are blagging charities and this sounds bad in the media. Solution – Introduce a poll tax on Village Halls. Truly a man of all seasons.

  1. Tish Mahorey

    I hope they continue their investigations and include some of the children’s and animal charities who seem to have a lot of money to spend on very expensive advertising and are associated with celebrities and businesses.

  2. Phelem O'Doherty-Mooney

    Bressie will be watching this……NOT! He’ll probably be prepping for tomorrow’s ‘talk’ that will pocket him more than 3k. Just sayin’.


  3. Jake38

    There are apparently about 4,000 registered charities in this country. Yes, 4000. There should be, maybe, 30.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Sure you always need a cancer awareness charity…

      There might be someone out there who hasn’t heard of it!

      1. Deluded

        People would rather have died, as I recall, than suffer the embarrassment of having a stranger poke at their wibbly-wobblies. (We had a senator who actively campaigned against the HPV vaccine, for instance, because of it’s association with sexual intercourse).
        That’s why many charities are started- often by people who were personally affected and found little understanding and support.
        Having raised awareness, though, perhaps these services can be taken over by the appropriate government department.
        Or, worse still, this charity situation is exactly the type of thing that many are actually advocating: “small government” and let the free market decide if suicide prevention or a home for abandoned animals or free health checks is what people actually want and will donate their money to.
        I think the charity sector was ripe for abuse given our traditional support for the less-well-off and fear of questioning authority brass-necked scumbags clever and determined people who are best suited to managing a complex organisation that coordinates financing and operations while understanding the intricacies of the duties of executives and fiduciary responsibility.
        Abuse of these positions is certainly a blow for the tens of thousands of volunteers who have worked for free and the people that they have helped who may otherwise have been neglected.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Told ye ages ago about Charities and ta’ stay away from ’em
    And as I remember most’ve ye didn’t like it

    But besides me being right

    Let me remind ye of sum’ting else I’ve said again and again

    Revenue and CAB

    are the only ones to shut down these Pro CHY Certified bandits
    So Revenue and CAB
    Do your effin’ jobs

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