For Your Consideration: Ladies’ Man



A caught short comedy short by Brainy Films

Shot in Anseo Camden Street, Dublin 2

Caroline at Brainy Films writes:

Starring Liam Hourican – currently appearing in BBC 3’s Murder in Successville, Moone Boy’s Clare Monnelly & David Layde, who you’ll remember as the warrior standing behind the wizard guy at the end of this episode of 90’s Irish Power Rangers knock-off Mystic Knights of Tir an Nog

Brainy Films

4 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Ladies’ Man

  1. Caroline

    These guys are decent actors, I admire them for maintaining enthusiasm for a one-note joke so hack most kids’ cartoons have long since played it out.

  2. Mulder

    Listen they could have done a porno and pretended to be celebs and made a fortune.
    Some for the art and some for the money and some, well.

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