To Your Stations



Former editor of the Irish Sun Michael McNiffe with Rupert Murdoch in the Irish Sun offices, Dublin in February, 2012

RTÉ reports:

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is set to buy Wireless Group, which controls a number of Irish radio stations including FM104 and Q102.

Wireless Group was formerly UTV Media before the sale of its television assets, including UTV Ireland, to ITV.

As well the two Dublin stations, Wireless Group also controls Cork’s 96 FM and C103, Live 95FM in Limerick, LMFM in northeast Leinster and Belfast-based U105.

As well as its Irish radio interests, the group also controls a number of UK media brands, including talkSPORT.

The all-cash offer values the company at approximately £220.3m.

News Corp to buy Irish radio stations as part of £220m deal (RTE)

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20 thoughts on “To Your Stations

    1. Medium Sized C

      Looking at some of the radio stations listed, I think it will be the same amount of dumbing down rightery.

  1. Optimus Grime

    Well sure LMFM is the radio equivalent of Fox News anyway so they should fit right in!

    1. The Old Boy

      Talk radio is very much alive and kicking. It’s not such good news for the “top 40” pop stations, though. It’s an overcrowded and poorly differentiated field with stiff competition from Spotify and such.

  2. dav

    in fairness murdoch would make sh1t€ of redacted if he so wished – redacted is just a big lump in he small septic tank that is ireland.

  3. rory

    Imagine a world where Murdoch never exerted his right wing influence on the media. I’m thinking that world would’ve been a better place.

  4. Formerly known as

    Australia has a Federal election on Saturday. Murdoch’s rags are full of blatant anti-Labor rubbish, every day. His Aussie Tories (LNP) will win. Like getting the uneducated British to vote for Brexit, he will get dumb Aussies to vote for the party that does the least for them.

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