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  1. Charles

    Is it just my cynical side or is Mr. David Hall featuring far to prominently in the news?

    Every time I turn on Rte news now, or open a webpage or a newspaper there he is. Given his past should we be worried he sees this as a stepping stone to something else…
    Or is he just doing a stellar job?

    1. Twunt


      How a man the encourages people to default on loans has ended up as head of Consul is beyond me.

      1. kirkbadaz

        charlatan? just like the previous CEO.

        meet the new boss just like the old boss.

      1. Toni The Exotic Dancer

        Ex Fianna Fail candidate & buddy of Bertie Ahern. Owns a casino and openly canvasses for people to stop paying their mortgages and be bailed out by you and I. In a nutshell. RTE wheel him out for anything to do with property discussions as an “expert”. How in hell has he got involved with Console?

  2. moroccan rug dealer

    Blair has blood on his hands and should be removed from the stage. As for George Bush mouthing that the capture of hanged President Hussein was akin to trapping a rat in a hole…..swallow your inflammatory words George ….you insulted the nation of Iraq. Go suck your lollipop and be reminded Iraq is today flowing with blood as predicted by President Hussein. Hope the pair of ye stand trial for war crimes.

    1. Shayna

      @ moroccan rug dealer – You clearly have respect for the Hussein regime, as you referred to him respectfully as President. The Blair/Bush Project did not have a mandate from either Britain nor the USA to invade Iraq – they simply went forward with their “plan”. I’ve never lived in a country oppressed by dictatorship to the extent of the Hussein regime – He lived in a palace of gold, while his underlings were starving on the streets. You lament his loss? The U.S is the self-appointed police of the World, not forgetting the famous, “shoulder-to-shoulder” alignment with the UK. Maybe the World would be a better place if the U.S simply butted out of interfering with Dictatorial regimes – North Korea comes to mind, it seems fine over there, doesn’t it? – Oh, no-one really knows, they’ve blocked the internet and made travel to and from there nigh on impossible.

      1. f_lawless

        Blair himself has referred to Saddam Hussein as “President Saddam Hussein” which diminishes your point somewhat.
        “If President Saddam Hussein were to reject a clear ultimatum on the return of weapons inspectors there would be widespread understanding of the need to take appropriate action.”

      2. Formerly known as @ireland.com


        The US is policeman, where their is a benefit to them, or to the corporations that fund their domestic political campaigns.

        GW Bush, Blair and Australia’s John Howard should be in front of a judge at the Hague. It saddens me that these blokes have got away with creating a hell in Iraq, and leading directly to the creating of ISIS.

  3. Shayna

    Another Hutch/Kinahan “Hit”? It’s clearly out of control, the Gardaí are either insufficiently equipped to deal with this escalation of violence and murder, or perhaps, simply inept? I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc yesterday in The Crown, Belfast. A guy beside me at the bar, while I was ordering heard my accent and decided to himself that I was from Dublin (I’m not) and continued nonetheless to rant about you Dubliners coming up here on the run from the Hutchs? I mean, what?

  4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I wonder how much coverage the Wales soccer team would be getting, if the England team were still in the Euros. I am guessing it would be a hell of a lot less.

    1. kirkbadaz

      to be replaced with someone equally inept, removed from ordinary people, lacking leadership and with all the charisma of a soiled tissue.

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