Winding Down


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Former CEO of Console Paul Kelly at the National Mental Health Conference in 2013

RTE reports:

It is understood that the suicide bereavement charity Console is to be wound down with its services transferred to another organisation.

…A meeting was held this morning between Console’s interim CEO David Hall, officials from the Health Service Executive and the Department of Health and the charity regulator.

…It now appears the charity will be wound down but all sides want to ensure its key counselling service and phone lines are maintained.

These will be transferred to another organisation in the sector.

But questions remain for the HSE about why it continued to fund the organisation with around €65,000 a month as the extent of financial irregularities became clear.

Console expected to be wound down, services transferred to another organisation (RTE)

12 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. Joni2015

    Good. People are making out like it’s some tragedy. This was his personal charity that he setup so good riddance. One of 100 mental health charities in Ireland. The whole sector stinks.

      1. Ricky Ricardo

        Even the Samaritans?

        I agree that it’s good riddance to this scam artist but the people who worked in Console, who had no part in his fraud, were still doing good work. The whole sector doesn’t stink. There are a lot of charity organisations and volunteers stepping up to the plate to cover for the inadequacies of the Irish mental health service. Without them, things would be in a much worse state than they currently are.

  2. Tish Mahorey

    This whole case stinks. Not just the potential criminality of it all but the reporting of it too. Did Kelly ruffle the wrong feathers?

  3. Liam Deliverance

    FFS will someone ever charge/fire/jail the traitors/incompetents/crooks that work in the HSE and clean up the organisation. How many scandals have we had that started in the HSE, how many more are we going to have. Just what the feck is going on in there. Whistleblower tells minister of health about concerns in Console, minister does nothing, years later after 65k a month of taxpayers scandal breaks. Get it sorted for crying out loud.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      The HSE do the same thing the Catholic church did. They move offenders to a new area.

      When you expose someone for corruption, they are likely to spill the beans on all the others involved. So they tend to get away with it and get moved sideways.

      Kelly, I’m guessing has stepped on a few toes and he has been selected for shaming. The whole saga almost feels like it was planned like an advertising campaign and ready to roll once the call was made.

      1. postmanpat

        Jayzus, when you put it that way , it seems that the world is run by intersecting cabals of Machiavellian hucksters that can see more moves ahead of the average pleb. If caught out they “sacrifice” a member to an over forgiving public who don’t really have the stomach for retribution due to the ingrained forgive-and-forget mentality pushed by the local spiritual leaders. Kelly will be back to his old tricks in no time. This cruel system is elegant and as old as time.

  4. Sido

    One suspects 65K a month for a couple of phone lines made sense to the HSE, In as much as they could say they were doing something about the issue.
    I know it doesn’t make sense, to most people, but next time the minister for Health brags about how much he is spending on mental health issues, remember just how that money gets spent.

    1. Pip

      Like cost, when they say it’s going to cost xx million, that means someone’s gonna make big.
      And when they say I’m spending xx million, that means someone’s gonna make big.
      Snout, trough, harumph.

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