31 thoughts on “Tara Boom De-Ay

  1. Wayne.F

    Normally I am a huge fan of their work, but I am not sure about this, surely that being an active railway line there is some emmm Health and safety issues.

    1. Cian

      And the 1.5kV DC lines that they’re fairly close to on the sides of the bridge.

      Similarly thick tykes jump off the M4 motorway bridge in to the intake pond of a hydro power plant. Underwater currents are strong enough there.

  2. forfeckssake

    Only a matter of time before there’s a death. The Gardai need to stop kids jumping in to the Liffey.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Are you saying people need to take responsibility for themselves rather than leaving it to the state?

        1. Helen 2.0

          I think you could be onto something there…but maybe if this was teased out you might even stretch to the idea parents taking responsibility for their children.

          1. Nigel

            Er, yeah, meantime if the Guards could step in directly n the here and now, because a dead kid would spoil everyone’s day.

    1. Alastair

      Nothing illegal about jumping in the Liffey – more power to them. Trespassing onto railway bridges on the other hand…

  3. Mikeyfex

    We’d a purpose built jumpie-offie thing in town in grew up in and I can list on one hand the number of people who ever did a somersault off it. It seems to be the only way to get into the water these days. The kids are alright!

  4. Reppy

    They were jumping off the ha’penny earlier. Into what can only be described as floating filth

      1. B Hewson

        Btw I have no issues with what they are doing. Looks like great craic if you have the balls

  5. Custo

    At least they’re not sitting at home plugged into an xbix, obesity & early onset diabetes increasing steadily.

    fair play

  6. Shane

    Kids need better swimming facilities in this country the water is such a novelty on a warm day they can’t help themselves.

    1. B Hewson

      Yeah, 11 year old inner city kids who jump off 50ft train bridges into rivers would obviously spend their days getting up at 6am to do lengths in pools it if we’re on offer

      1. some old queen

        Oh look at you with your bitchy sarcasm. If there were proper facilities those kids would not be taking risks with their lives just to have a bit of fun. What part of that do you not understand?

        1. Chucky R. Law

          Kids (and adults) frequently want to do things that may not be entirely safe precisely because the thrill is driven by risk. I doubt that the provision of “proper facilities” will ever change that.

          1. some old queen

            True but when a kid’s mother goes to the bother and expense of buying rubber suits from Lidl to do this, you can be pretty certain that the alternative is much worst?

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      Is there not a swimming pool in Sean Mac Dermott Street any more?

      Genuine question BTW.

  7. mauriac

    I really hate that stupid bridge.Cuts city center views to the sea and ruins the customs house ,.

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