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On Friday.

A protest against homelessness will be held in Dublin city with supporters meeting at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm.

The group behind the protest call themselves The People’s Movement.

They write:

“We have an opportunity here and if we don’t take it then it will be another four years before we get this same opportunity again

“Our beautiful island is being run into the ground and our people treated inhumanely by those elected to do right by us.

“Every day they hurt people in some form, wether it’s being made homeless because people can’t afford the rent or from being evicted and people left to die on trolleys.

“Our hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed and not sufficiently equipped. Children are queuing at soup runs to eat and take home packed lunches so they can eat in school the next day, childhood memories tainted by the damp walls of uninhabitable B&Bs and squashed hotel rooms with parents who cry themselves to sleep.

“They are selling our public lands, denying our people social housing and privatising our most vital services, crippling families through extortionate rents and taxes, selling off our gas and oil resources, all while lining their already heavy pockets, the list goes on and on.

“And if I continued to name how much they hurt people you all know that I would be here all day. Haven’t you had enough?”

The People’s Movement (Facebook)


This morning Daniel McConnell, of The Irish Examiner, reports:

As many as one in four children in some of the most disadvantaged primary schools in the country are homeless, with principals warning that the real figures could be even higher.

Schools are reporting that the number of children aged between five and 12 presenting as homeless have increased significantly in the past three years.

Rise in pupils without proper homes (Daniel McConnell, The Irish Examiner)

This evening.

An advertisement spotted on Gumtree for “pod” living in Dublin.

The ad states:

“Welcome to POD Living.

Close to city centre. 12min walk to Spire.

This is ideal accommodation for medium term stays (i.e. 6 – 12 months).

Each pod is secure, safe and self-contained.

Pods come with lockable doors, LED light, memory foam mattresses, personal charge units, TVs, air vents, a personal code lock safe for valuables, mirrors, key cards and much much more!

There are also secure lockers available in each bedroom.

We want guests who are sociable but also respect other people’s privacy. Our guests are from all over the world.

Each room has 2-4 pods and are single sex. i.e. one for boys, one for girls.

There is one bathroom for each pod room. And of course there is a kitchen and chill-out area/sitting room.

Please note: This is not a party house :) Many of our guests are here to study and expect a good nights sleep. We have a zero noise policy after 9pm.

Pods are €125 per week and require a minimum of three months stay.

Bills are €5 per week (electricity, water, WIFI, cleaner, fresh towels).

Please email for further details PodLivingDublin@gmail.com”


Pod Living in Dublin (Gumtree)

Thanks Carlosfandango

Starbucks paper cup

As an occasional customer of Starbucks, I’m frustrated by its policy of automatically giving customers a paper cup over a ceramic mug when sitting in. Recently in one of their cafes, I asked everyone sitting in (all of whom had paper cups) if they were given the option of a ceramic mug. Not one person had been.

This directly contradicts Starbucks policy (as received by me in an email from it following a complaint about this) that its customers have a choice when ordering coffee and ideally it wants them to use ceramic but it cannot enforce that.

This is incredibly wasteful in the context of a climate emergency, particularly considering that there are 49 outlets in the greater Dublin area alone.

Starbucks is in a unique position to take a public stand and action in this space that would have a huge ripple effect on other retailers and customer behaviour.

It would seem that a change in training in Starbucks with the addition of one simple question and the resulting actions by baristas would make all the difference.

Sara Dennedy,
Dublin 3.

Mug shot – paper or ceramic? (The Irish Times letters page)

Last night.

On Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

Three voluntary homeless outreach groups reportedly responded to the needs of an 81-year-old homeless woman who was “bedding down in a distressed state”.

Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke last night wrote on Facebook that when he was contacted about the woman, he, in turn, contacted Dublin City Council’s homeless services and that a bed for last night was booked for the woman within minutes.

Damien Farrell, of one of the groups who attended the woman D8HAC Altogether Now, writes:

“The woman is registered with the DRHE (Dublin Region Homeless Executive) homeless services and had been under hospital treatment.

“The woman has in the past experienced bullying and threatening behaviour in DRHE-registered hostels and was discharged from hospital into homelessness, apparently despite DRHE-registered key workers engaging with her during her hospital treatment.

“The occurance of hospital patient discharges into homelessness knowingly is far too common, as too is the failings of DRHE-registered services to establish and maintain a link of continuity between homeless services, hospital management and homeless patients or attendees.

We call upon the Dublin Region Homeless Executive to examine this particular case as an example of a serious lapse in duty of care and to implement an immediate protocal across all associated services that will address the matter of people being discharged from hospital treatment into homelessness.

“We would also like to recognoise the efforts and work carried out by Housing First and Parkgate Hall in this particular case.”

D8HAC Altogether (Facebook)

Free Friday?

At the Rathmines Collective in Dublin 6, at noon.

A FREE yoga class for children aged eight to 12.

OmKidsDublin writez:

“OmKidsDublin are offering a free kids’ taster class for eight to 12-year-old children ahead of kids’ yoga courses starting next week.

“The class will take place in Rathmines Collective opposite the Swan Centre this Friday 3rd Jan at 12 midday. Places are limited, call Claire on 086-8668650 to secure one.

“Happy New Year from OmKidsDublin.”


Rathmines Collective