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Ah here.

Saoirse Flynn tweetz:

Emailed a potential landlord about an apartment, and they come back to me saying if I’m a student they require 5 months rent in advance, the monthly rent is €1,050 by the way, what kind of elitist asks for €5,250 upfront off a STUDENT? Absolute disgrace.



There you go now.

This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Supporters and activists of Extinction Rebellion commence their week of ‘non-violent direct actions with a Climate Walk led by a large pink sailing boat (top).

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews


This morning.

At Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Tents thought to belong to supporters of Extinction Rebellion are being set up.

The group is planning to hold a lunchtime rally outside Leinster House for the beginning of a week-long series of events for Rebellion Week.

Green News reports:

Irish action will commence at 1pm this afternoon at the entrance of Dail Eireann.

From here, the activists will walk in procession led by a large pink sailing boat to a nearby, as yet unnamed, location where the mast of the boat will be launched and a flag with the Extinction Rebellion logo raised.

Speeches will then start around 1.30pm and environmental activist and Chelsea Garden Show winning designer Mary Reynolds will then lead a symbolic planting of seeds of native trees.

The group is remaining coy on further actions to take place across the remainder of the week, only stating that they will employ family-friendly non-violent civil disobedience to “bring society to a standstill” and force the Government to respond to the climate emergency.

150 academics outline support for Extinction Rebellion (Green News)

London police arrest 21 climate change protesters as mass action starts (The Irish Times)


In yesterday’s Sunday Times, John Mooney reported:

A special unit of gardai is monitoring social media to try to ascertain where the group’s protests of “civil disobedience” may take place and how many campaigners will be involved.

Security sources say there is no evidence to suggest Extinction Rebellion is being influenced by extremists.

The protesters, who come from various backgrounds, are considered by gardai to be people genuinely concerned about global warming.

….Gardai do not believe they will be able to hold large numbers of protesters if forced to make arrests.

The force is not capable of detaining more than a few hundred people, even if all stations in Dublin and the surrounding suburbs are used to capacity.

Dublin gardai prepare for extinction of traffic flow (The Sunday Times)

Top pic: Tim Forde


Niall Colbert, of Today FM, tweetz:

Climate change activists beginning to gather outside the Dail ahead of Extinction Rebellion protests in Dublin this lunchtime.


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Moore Street, Dublin 1

Oliva Kelly, of The Irish Times, reports:

Dublin’s 200-year-old Moore Street market could be consigned to history following indications from traders that they are prepared to shut-up shop.

A document entitled “Licence holders who wish to be considered to exit the market” signed by 17 traders who hold casual trading licences to operate on Moore Street has been sent to Dublin City Council.

Assistant council chief executive Dick Brady, who has responsibilty for casual trading, said the 17 signatories correspond with the number of licence holders on the street.

Moore Street traders may shut up shop after 200 years (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)



From 11am at Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, Dublin 1.

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, which was founded in 2014, will hold its first conference entitled ‘Towards A More Humane Asylum Process’.

The group writes:

“This conference will bring together people in the asylum system from all over the country who will speak about the past and present of the Direct Provision, asylum and deportation machine and point the way forward to the end of Direct Provision and a more humane asylum system.

“Speakers will be people who have been or are currently in the asylum and Direct Provision system.

“We will follow the day with a MASI party in the evening with brilliant music, song, dance and general good vibes, togetherness and solidarity.

“MASI – the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland – is a grassroots organisation based in Ireland.

“We are people who are or have been in the asylum and direct provision system in Ireland, working and advocating together for justice, freedom and dignity for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

“Our focus is on the Right to Education and the Right to Work for all people seeking asylum, on the complete abolition of direct provision and an end to deportations.”

Meanwhile, MASI has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of transportation for people in Direct Provision and emergency accommodation centres around Ireland who wish to attend the conference.

Those who wish can donate here.

MASI Conference 2019 (Facebook)


Dublin Zoo has announced the birth of a male Rothschild giraffe calf.

They write:

Born in the early hours of Thursday, 12th September, the healthy giraffe calf stands at 1.8 meters tall and weighs an estimated 60kg. The newborn joins the rest of the giraffe herd at Dublin Zoo, along with its mother Casey and father Tafari, in the African Savanna.

Zoo Keeper at Dublin Zoo, Pamela O’Brien said: “We are very excited about the latest addition to the giraffe herd. Casey, his mother is doing an excellent job and is very attentive to her newborn. The calf is full of energy and very inquisitive!”

The Rothschild giraffe is one of the most threatened of the nine sub-species of giraffe. Rothschild male giraffes grow to six metres in height and can weigh over 2000kg. Fewer than 670 remain in the wild.

Dublin Zoo

Rental adverts in Dublin

This morning.

Ben Haugh reports in the Times Ireland edition...

The RTB will today announce two new rent pressure zones in Carlow and Macroom in Cork. Rents in Carlow increased by 12.6 per cent over the past year to €879, while they rose by 19.1 per cent in Macroom to €915.

The average rent in the capital was €1,713 at the end of June, compared with €1,599 in the same period last year.

The cost of renting in Cork city increased by 4.2 per cent to €1,177; in Galway city by 5.7 per cent to €1,117; in Limerick city by 10.2 per cent to €973; and in Waterford city by 13.9 per cent to €843.

Pressure zones fail to put cap on soaring rents (Ben Haugh, Times Ireland edition)


At Sean Walsh Memorial Park in Tallaght, Dublin; Fianna Fáil TD John Lahart; Sinn Féin TD Seán Crowe; and Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

This afternoon.

In the Dáil.

The recent destruction of wetlands at Sean Walsh Memorial Park in Tallaght, Dublin, following de-silting works at the park by South Dublin County Council, the was raised by Fianna Fáil TD John Lahart and Sinn Féin TD Seán Crowe with Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Ms Madigan confirmed to the two TDs that her department will be carrying out an investigation into the matter and vowed she “won’t leave a stone unturned” during that inquiry.

South Dublin County Council released a statement on the matter on Monday.

Ms Madigan’s confirmation of an inquiry follows Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin yesterday demanding in inquiry into the matter.

During his contribution, Mr Crowe said the wetlands was a “vibrant, multi-layered eco-system”.

He added:

“It came about by accident rather than design. There was a murder in the area, the guards needed to dredge the area…silt came out of the pond and it was put on grassland. And this, over a couple of years, the eco-system came about.”

He also said:

“It was described by one person, the vandalism, the environmental vandalism that actually happened, it was like a punch in the gut and it not only demotivates people, it demoralises people, not only those environmentalists, but also volunteers who help in the park, but also park staff.

“We got it wrong, clearly. It regenerated over the years, it was bursting with life, nude spats and even the critically endangered European eel.

“…you say, minister, that there’s going to be an inquiry, I think that’s something positive. I think it was an issue of miscommunication rather than a malicious decision. Nevertheless, the environmental destruction is unacceptable, it can’t happen again in any part of the country and serious lessons need to be learned from this disaster.”

Mr Crowe went on to ask Minister Madigan to outline how long the investigation will take place, when it will finish and if her department will liaise with local representatives.

During her response, Ms Madigan said:

“My department…is investigating this matter and we have been in touch with the Heritage Officer of South Dublin County Council, indeed the Chief Executive and the director of Environmental Services also. And we have requested a report on the matter from them.

“Officers from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, of my department, are arranging a visit this coming week, together with the Heritage Officer and following on from that site visit, I expect to receive a report from them, for review.

“I would caution, however, that it shouldn’t be prejudicial or premature in establishing facts until we see that report in detail and we will then take any further action as a result of those findings as we see fit.”

Mr Lahart told Ms Madigan:

“The question you must ask of the local authority is: how did communication breakdown to such an extent that one arm of the local authority didn’t know what the other arm of the local authority has done, and has essentially vandalised a natural habitat.

“That’s the first point, the second point is this: Does a local authority require a licence from the EPA to dump silt and soil in particular spots. That’s the second point.

“The third point I want to make is this. This happens widely in Ireland. I have queries, as well from constituents at the moment, in relation to the provision of play spaces in Dodder Valley – that their concerns in relation to the biodiversity impact of one of those play spaces wasn’t taken seriously by the local authority in terms of the part 8 submission.

“And we look at the ESB. The apparent jewel in the crown of semi-state bodies has not responded publicly in any meaningful way to their pollution of the River Dodder. A documentary on Prime Time covered that.

“So your response is outlining what your responsibility is as minister, but you have serious questions to ask the local authority as to how this came to happen.”

During her response, Ms Madigan said:

“I will give you the full report when I have it to hand.”

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