21 thoughts on “Neighbourhood

      1. dav

        @essosee – “The hipster subculture is composed of affluent or middle class youth who reside primarily in gentrifying neighborhoods.”

      2. classter

        If you want anything for your life & community other than bland, atomised corporate-dominated crap, then you are a hipster.

        Eat anything to which one can say, ‘Tis far from x you were reared.’ – hipster.
        Put any thought into your home or appearance -hipster.
        Likes music not heard on Dublin commercial radio – hipster.
        Cycling instead of driving – hipster.
        Express a preference to live in a vibrant city instead of an ugly suburb – hipster.

        1. Kieran NYC


          Drives the curtain-twitchers and those with neither the bravery or ambition to do anything differently, absolutely nuts.

  1. Mulder

    Is it a type of ehh summer party cause if it is then, name malfunction just like the weather as fear summer has gone, for yet another year.
    Can hear the plaintiff cry, gone soo soon, never even knew ye had arrived.

  2. whut

    great set-up for such a poor turn-out. those synge street street feasts used to be really lively. the harty place one is the best one at the mo.

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