‘The Stuff That Matters’


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Rory McIlroy speaking at a press conference this morning

Further to his recent decision to opt out of the Rio Olympics due to the the Zika virus…

Rory McIlroy commented on his decision at a press conference this morning ahead of The Open.

Rory McIlroy: “I’ve no regrets about it [deciding not to take part in Rio Olympics] and I’ll probably watch the Olympics but I’m not sure golf will be one of the events I’ll watch.”

Reporter: “Which events will you watch in that case?”

McIlroy: “Probably the events that, track and field, swimming, diving. The stuff that, the stuff that matters.”

Rory McIlroy Gets Brutally Honest About Golf At The Olympics (Balls.ie)

Rory McIlroy takes six shots to get out of bunker ahead of The Open (Sky Sports)

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28 thoughts on “‘The Stuff That Matters’

  1. Eoin

    Yup. Real important. Sport is entertainment. Not news. I wouldn’t even call golf a sport.

    1. ,Anomanomanom

      It pays more than soccer, rugby, gaa. It has the highest paid athlete of all but yeah its not a sport.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I never knew that the amount of money you get informs one whether one is an athlete or not.

        So it’s true then, the chubby men of golf are athletes now Ted.
        I really do have to say that again… the chubby men of golf are athletes Ted.

        Nope, it’s just not sinking in. I’ll never understand :(

        1. ,Anomanomanom

          So is chess not a sport, no weight restrictions for chess. It’s certainly not a game, so what would it be.

    2. rotide

      Says you.

      Believe it or not it takes all sorts and there’s just as many people that consider sports news as give any sort of toss about the latest morsel of information about DOB or the Repeal the 8th.

      Also, Golf doesn’t care if you think it’s a sport or not.

  2. Medium Sized C

    I love how mental people are going about this.
    The only reason Golf is being put in is because the Olympics are a marketing event now and Golf is worth a lot of money.

    Yet people can’t divorce the tribal neanderthal emotions from the reality of the thing. If you are angry at this lad over this, you are a sad silly little person.

  3. Mucksavage

    Golfers refuse to go to Olympics due to “minimal risk of zika virus”.

    Meanwhile Katie Taylor is going to the Olympics with a 100% chance of being punched in the face repeatedly.

    G’wan the Katie!

  4. DubLoony

    Golf should be removed from Olympics.
    I agree with Rory, it should be for real sport, not overpaid wimps knocking a little ball about without breaking a sweat.

    1. rotide

      I agree that it should be removed from the olympics but not for the usual boring ‘its not a sport’ reason. Shooting is in the olympics, as is Archery. Not much difference between them and golf.

      The only sports that should be included in the olympics are sports where winning the olympics is considered the pinnacle.

      1. Paddy

        The only sports that should be in the olympics are those where it takes tiring physical effort and endurance.
        An ideal ‘was it for this’ story showing the founders of the olympics looking on at golf. It’d be hard to get photos of them mind you.

        1. rotide

          Chariot racing was in the olympics. Driving an F1 car takes a lot more effort than driving a chariot, F1 should be in the olympics?

          Golf requires a LOT more skill than any of the events in the ancient olympics. Arguing that golf is not a sport is pointless under any metric you care to use.

  5. Mulder

    Shrrr Rory must be sick as a parrot all that golf week in week out it be a real sickener.
    Why would he want to watch golf on television when he is looking at it all day, week, month and year in real time.
    Is the message in saying, such, that golf is boring.
    To watch.
    From the ehh, horses gob so to speak.

  6. Mulder

    Rory is smart, he did not get where he is to-day by playing golf.
    Ehh, well he did but he is not playing it for fun.
    He is playing it for money, lots and lots of money.

  7. jungleman

    He makes a perfect point in the clip. Don’t see why he didn’t just say this from the beginning instead of being so disingenuous. Rory needs to sack his PR perhaps.

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    Funny the way it’s only male golfers dropping out. No women participants of child bearing age seem to be overly worried about Zika… Then again, there’s no money in it for the golfers, only a gold medal that they neither care about nor need to further their careers and rankings.

    Whoever bribed the IOC to get golf in needs to look for a refund!

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