13 thoughts on “Faster, Higher, Funnier

    1. Ralph


      I’m so proud of everyone for not commenting under these videos. Maybe BS will get the hint and rip up whatever ungodly agreement they have and stop posting this rubbish.

      1. Bodger

        Ralph, Our agreement with Leather Jacket Guy is that we give him space and he gives all of us the gift of laughter.


    Wow. First time I’ve ever pressed play on one of these videos. Curiosity got the better of me.

    That is some deep badness right there.

    Couldn’t get past a minute and a half.

    Any chance he could drink bleach in the next one?

  2. Simon

    I normally just live and let live, he’s creating content, making a go of it etc. Really though, I find it hard to imagine anyone laughing at that video. I got two scarcely chuckle-worthy clips in, ruined by him waffling about them, and some cringy product placement. Don’t be curious, just skip it.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I wouldn’t have a go at someone for producing content even if it is terrible. I would, however, have a go at someone for nicking jokes without credit so he can produce native advertising.

  3. Odockatee

    I am also having that. Did you see the arse splitting on the pants? Loving your work LJG

  4. Mulder

    Leather jacket guy in what looks like a bedsit, down the country, shrr that would only do yer head proper like.
    First fact Brazil, am still on the beer just to say like, the first fact, Brazil is a country, i know hard to believe but it is in the old atlas here.
    Second fact, it is in South America and not North America, would never have thought but shrrr like.
    Third fact, it is very hot, a lot of heat.
    So now there ye are, that be Brazil for ye in a nut-shell.
    More beer.

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