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      1. Sido

        We can probably be quite specific as to the religion of the “bigots” responsible for this.- in fairness.

    1. wellOwen O'F

      Does that somehow make acts of violence in kuffar Europe more acceptable?

      Do you have a point, or are you just getting off on being right-on?

      1. Walter-Ego

        Just because this terrible cowardly act was done by some nutters in the name of Islam doesn’t make all muslims responsible. It’s like saying that all christians are responsible for the Westboro Baptist Churches actions or indeed the acts of Paedophiles priests here in Ireland. Look at the bigger picture other than your narrow hateful view.

        1. babylonzoo4ever

          ok right the westboro baptists have killed loads of people.
          you`re not comparing like with like.

          1. Sido

            And nothing whatsoever went “over your head Walter. It must be great to be such as a civilsed observer of the situation.

        2. Twunt

          It is true that a minority of Muslim’s are responsible for this. It is also true that the majority are content to let them get on with it.

          1. Yep

            Im not sure you can jump to the majority being content with these actions. Regardless of whatever polls you can reference.

          2. classter

            ‘It is also true that the majority are content to let them get on with it.’

            This is absolutely not the case & there is no evidence that it is the case.

            There are many different types of Islam amongst the 1.5 billion believers around the world. They are sinned against every bit as much as they sin. Muslims in India have been the victim of Hindi attacks, The Muslims of Srebrenica were massacred by Christians.

        3. Owen O'F

          Nobody is saying all Muslims are responsible. That would be stupid. But don’t let me get in the way of you and your mates getting a hardon for reflexively calling people bigots, hateful, spiteful, etc.

          There are nutters across every population. The difference is Islam. Overlaying a poisonous, misogynistic, violent desert myth over any such population (with, in France, its own legitimate grievances such as lack of integration and some institutional racism) and this is the statistical result. Christianity was defanged centuries ago by the Enlightenment – Islam now needs its own reformation.

          As Hitchens notes, extremists are ‘the tail that wags the dog’.

          But no, it’s all our fault really, racism, racist, we’re worse ourselves in the West, etc. – let me save you and your student mates the trouble of typing.

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            If you wanted to even have a inkling of what drives these acts Owen, you can google some very good reporting from a range of newspapers, magazines etc. It’s not Islam, it could be any religion really, it’s far more complicated than that when talking about “lone” wolf attacks in the West.

          2. Tony

            Its an irrational hatred of the west and our infidel ways. Quite simple. And while people stay silent about it, or dont admit it they are helping to justify the crimes.

          3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            ” Christianity was defanged centuries ago by the Enlightenment – Islam now needs its own reformation.”

            What a load of rubbish. Most of the World was conquered by so called Christians, before and after the reformation.

            What Islam and all other religions need, is to be consigned to the pages of history.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            This isn’t about Islam vs western values, it’s about western armies vs middle east guerillas. They are under the impression that the imperial west wanrs to kill all muslims. It’s not about “hating freedom” or any of that nonsense

        1. Sido

          Who is wallowing in bigotry? – How tasteless of bigots everywhere to enjoy “wallowing”.
          “Crowd gets in the way of industrious driver and his busy vehicle.” – give it a break.

          1. classter

            Suggesting that most Muslims support the actions of the deranged individual in Nice is indeed bigotry.

      2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

        Walter never said anything to suggest he even thought that. Ridiculous point scoring rather than trying to understand the situation gets no one anywhere. Let’s just have another 200 comments that are “It’s Islam” vs “No, it’s not” shall we? Great!

      3. Nigel

        I guess it means horrific as these acts are, Europe is not bearing the brunt of this conflict, and the people opposing these radical Islamists are mostly other Muslims, which is well worth remembering if people try to frame this as Islam vs the West, which is something that would probably be happening lots right now if the proprietors weren’t screening the bejaysus out of the comments.

  1. babylonzoo4ever

    @WalterEgo no it didn`t go over my head you are trying to equate christian extremists with muslim mass murderers. 70 odd people are dead tonight including children. other religious groups tend not to do that as much. sleep well with your smugness.

    1. Walter-Ego

      Aw bless , you nearly got it. Awful things are done and have been done in the name of religions. And don’t worry yourself, I sleep very well because i’m not filled with hate.

      1. babylonzoo4ever

        you`re filled with absolute trite stupidity. you`re referring to things that happened a long long time ago. why not bring up the crusades? a pox on you.

      2. babylonzoo4ever

        yeah all those buddhist terrorists. sure they`re all the same aren`t they?
        dum de dum

          1. babylonzoo4ever

            you`re referring to the exception rather than the rule re buddhists.
            you`re not clever

          2. Walter-Ego

            “you`re referring to the exception rather than the rule re buddhists.
            you`re not clever”
            The very point i was making about muslims.
            Glad i finally got through to you.
            Who’s a clever boy? You are babylonzoo4ever, yes you are.

    2. Kieran NYC

      Have a look at the North, you moron.

      A lot of Christians seem perfectly fine with mass murder too.

  2. petey

    neither was george bush wben the Christian. god told him to go into iraq and kill 150000. you sleep well too.

  3. babylonzoo4ever

    @Walter-Ego and Kieran NYC. no these incidents are far more prevelant amongst muslim believers.
    you didn`t get through to anyone.

      1. Twunt

        and you keep ignoring the overwhelming evidence that Muslim extremism is a massive problem

          1. Twunt

            It is the inability of libertarians to articulate anything close to there being a problem with Muslim extremism that allows people like Trump, LePen and Wilders to thrive. They refuse to see at what is there for all to see, and that is what drives people to the other side.

          2. Nigel

            ‘Doesn’t matter these days if that’s true, it’s just not right-on, so you can’t say it.’

            Must be why he didn’t say it.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            “there being a problem with Muslim extremism”

            That’s because it’s more like middle eastern nationalism. They kill because they think “the west” are trying to kill them.

        1. martco

          and it seems to me that Bush & Blair will (or should imo) go down in history along with other monsters for triggering a war because they interfered in something they shouldn’t have…..whatever the real reasons. thanks you mfkrs.

  4. some old queen

    May culls. Clearing out all the special advisors means the new crew will take a good year to get up to speed at a time when she needs to hit the ground running surely. Johnson as foreign secretary. Seriously?

    Theresa Villiers gone from NI. The DUP has lost a prominent member so. Replaced by James Brokenshire who is apparently from the Remain camp. Not sure of the relevance of this apart from that his apologies over planned border controls may be genuine.

  5. B Hewson

    Meanwhile thousands of jihadis are ‘returning’ from Syria to western Europe and the under-resourced police are ‘keeping an eye on them’….such nonsense. We need extreme and harsh reaction to our women and children being murdered. Any one who supports Isis in the EU should be rounded up and and shipped to prisons in northern Finland and chained to a wall. We are at war and these terrorists.

  6. Rainy Day

    Can I interrupt for a minute here…..this awful act has absolutely nothing to do with religion, some idiot on the margins of society was convinced to do this and religion was the vehicle to convince him.
    This has to do with money, power and control. If there was no oil in the middle east there would be no radical forms of Islam terrorism.

    1. Harry Molloy

      yep. but there is an problem, there’s been an lot of people killed in France in the last year by young radicalised men. I have no idea what the solution is.

        1. Harry Molloy

          How do you pinpoint the threat though? All Muslims?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one for pussy footing around the incompatibility of those who follow the Koran as an instruction manual for life with those who live in any modern western society but you can’t treat an entire demographic with contempt, or intern without trial. We learned that up the top of our own island.

          I think the same adage applies – if you think you have the answer you probably don’t understand the question

          1. B Hewson

            Of course not all. Not by any means. The vast majority it good people. Just the radicals who are an existing definite threat to civilians – ie the openly support ISIS or have returned from Syria or tried to go. Lock all of them up in solitary. Then the police can focus efforts and limited resources on the remaining threat.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Religion was the vehicle…. wtf kinda excuse making nonsense is that?

      Radical Islamist’s are still religious, they are still Islamists. They don’t stop being religious just because they’ve been radicalised.

      Religion IS a big part of the problem and to ignore it, and claim it is but a ‘vehicle’ is preposterous excuse making nonsense.

      1. Rainy Day

        The Emperor of Japan didn’t need religion to convince lads to become kamikazes, Hitler didn’t need religion to convince people to put on an SS uniform and commit unspeakable acts, Stalin didn’t need religion to convince people to run the gulags.
        People have been doing awful and crazy things to each other for thousands of years, above are just recent examples….it is about power and control….religion is just being used in this recent example.
        I am no fan of religion and quite honestly think the whole thing is a load of nonsense, but open your mind on this.

      2. classter

        A lot of them are not actually genuinely very religious.

        Profiles of Western-bred Islamic tourism have tended to suggest a complete ignorance of their ‘faith’. Many have been brought up in essentially secular families, many drink & take drugs.

        Statistical analyses of jihadis from the West suggest that factors other than faith are most important. Countries Sunni Muslims were densely concentrated in scities, and where they had especially high rates of youth unemployment, tended to produce more isis fighters. Francophone countries (for a range of contested reasons) produce FAR more Isis jihadis than other Western countries.

  7. jimmy russell

    the biggest victim of these attacks is always innocent muslims who will be scrutinized now and made to feel uncomfortable

    1. Harry Molloy

      Yeah I pity them but that is an typical right on nonsense statement.

      the biggest victims are those who died, who were maimed and disfigured, those who will grieve for the dead children, those who will care for their injured relatives, French society that will no longer feel safe celebrating their history.

    2. topsy

      JM. Cop yourself on. The victims are those killed, injured and there loved ones – not Muslims.

      1. f_lawless

        “not Muslims” – showing your prejudiced thinking there. How do you know that none of those killed were muslims? Did the driver give them a wink and a nod as he made sure to swerve out of their way?

  8. Cynic3000

    Does anyone think it suspicious that almost all perpetrators of these terrorist acts have previous criminal records and or a history of mental illness?

    How come virtually none of the terrorists are unknown to police prior to the attacks?

    I believe western Government secret services are using vulnerable Muslims from unstable working class backgrounds to carry out false flag attacks on their own soil in order to legitimize invasion and destablisation of Middle Eastern countries for control of resources.

    Police and armies have done this before, using unstable individuals as informers and spies. It is not hard for them to pose as religious fundamentalists and contact these people using police files and then grooming them, filling their heads with propaganda and encouraging them to give their lives for the cause of Islam or for revenge on the west for decades of destruction of Middle Eastern society.

    It’s not as simple of the media make out, who of course are increasingly complicit in Government policies thanks to an entirely corrupted western press.

    Wake up and see all angles. Do not assume what you read is the truth or anywhere near the truth.

    Tin foil hat comments from the lazy thinkers may now proceed….

    1. Harry Molloy

      there theories are never plausible imo due to the amount of people required to pull them off, the fact that they would have to keep that information secret, and the fact that they are killing their own people and destroying their own quality of life, the loss of which is far greater than any potential gain.

      That and the fact that tin foil hats have never suited me.

      1. f_lawless

        While I by no means endorse the notion that this particular incident was a “false flag” event, as they say, I think your thinking is ill informed. You say too many people would be required to keep the info secret, but haven’t you ever heard of “Operation Gladio”?
        In Italy in the 60s and 70s a series of bombings were blamed on radical left wing groups. Decades later it came out in an Italian court that in fact it the events were staged by a NATO/CIA led operation (named Gladio) designed to stop the rise of left wing politics in the country. http://www.globalresearch.ca/operation-gladio-cia-network-of-stay-behind-secret-armies/9556
        ” The Italian government released a 300-page report on Gladio operations in Italy in 2000, documenting connections with the United States. It declared that the US was responsible for inspiring a ‘strategy of tension.’ In examining why those who committed the bombings in Italy were rarely caught, the report said, “those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organised or promoted or supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as has been discovered, by men linked to the structures of United States intelligence.”
        Also the idea that people couldn’t stoop so low as to kill their fellow citizens is a failure to realise that there are those out there who operate with an entirely different moral compass to your own. Look up “Operation Northwoods” – the name given to a secret CIA plan to down a US passenger plane and blame it on Castro’s Cuba. It only didn’t happen because JFK put a stop to it when he got wind of it.
        Finally, I’m not sure what you’re referring to by “destroying their own quality of life”. In the case of Gladio, while the people physically carrying out those attacks might have been driven by their own radical philosophies (or even financial gain), those behind the scenes facilitiating it certainly wouldn’t have suffered a loss in their quality of life and would have had the end goal of expanded state control over it’s citizens.

  9. f_lawless

    I last posted last night without issue quoting the Big Lebowski “Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man!”. This morning my comments are awaiting moderation. I haven’t posted anything crude or with more than one link so why am I on “Santa’s naughty list”?

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