Lend Him Your Funny




Have you a snap of a chat you’d like to trap?

Have we the website for you.

John Mulcahy writes:

I’m a Cork City based web creator. I want to share a website that I have recently created called Chatsnaps.com. This is one of a few websites I have created but it’s the first that I’ve made just for a bit of craic.

Chatsnaps is updated daily with the funniest text messages and chats from the internet. There are texts categories for all ages and the blog page is worth a look as well because its updated daily with interesting web based info.

I am looking for submissions of YOUR funny texts, chats or even emails. Submit these directly to the site [at link below]  and lets get some of that Irish magic up there! Thanks so much.

Feel free to Submit Here

20 thoughts on “Lend Him Your Funny

  1. Waddy Dilson

    That chatsnapp of the week lads, the one about the tongue …. holy God.. that shouldn’t even rate as somethng those two thought was funny, certainly not meriting a submission to a… ah look it it’s too hot to even bother typing the rest of this.

    I feel sorry for your mother.

    Whatchoo say about my mama

  2. John

    Thanks for all the comments. I promise that I hear what your saying and will take it on board. This site is just literally two weeks old and I will be improving it (hopefully) over the next few weeks. Your comments were extremely honest and very funny so I thank you for that. I know what my chatsnap of the week will be this week so stay tuned !!

  3. ahjayzis

    Didn’t the FAIL gang corner this market yonks ago?

    Text From Last Night?

    A million or so Facebook pages devoted to same?

  4. Caroline

    What if my kid says something hilarious, but too young to text? From what you seem to be saying this doesn’t count?

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