One Is Among Us



Neigh ‘sup?

This afternoon.

Britain’s Princess Anne attending the Nations Cup at the Dublin Horse Show, RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Great craic apparently.

More as we get it.




This afternoon.

Jessica ‘daughter of Bruuuuce’ Springsteen (top) and Georgina ‘daughter of former New York Mayor Miiiike’ Bloomberg taking part in the Nations Cup for America.


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27 thoughts on “One Is Among Us

    1. rotide

      Just to distinguish her from all the other Princess Annes that we hear about every week.

      1. Ger Nalist

        Important to strike a blow for Ireland by stressing that she is Britain’s Princess Anne
        Because it would undermine our sovereign status if we just said “Princess Anne” or “The Queen”

        1. Kieran NYC


          There’s a certain cohort of commenters on here who seem to lose their s… if news from Britain is even mentioned.

          1. Catherine McEntee

            @ Kieran

            You may enjoy grovelling, bowing and bending over for these imperialistic lowlifes – others do not, shock, horror….

            She has called the Irish pigs and b@stards in the past, suppose I could have thrown some bunting and a few oul flegs up all the same, eh?

          2. Kieran NYC

            I couldn’t give a hoop what she says.

            But refusing to acknowledge our nearest neighbour and closest ally speaks of childishness and complete insecurity on your part that you try and overcompensate for.

        1. Catherine McEntee

          @ Kieran

          Please explain your what exactly I’m insecure about? That’s a very odd comment to make.

          How you imagine that they are an ally to Ireland is ridiculous. They’re a major root cause of these recent atrocities, the Stepford Wife of the US. What these warmongers have started, we have no way or hope of putting an end to. This is the worlds new normal, are you enjoying it?

          You’re well brainwashed, aong with all the other sheep – dare to think for yourself, it’s ok to have an independent thought Kieran.

      1. rotide

        Well the typo is pretty obvious, but one assumes that bodger will edit it rather than submit it to a website that highlights amusing typos.

        1. Kieran NYC

          We were always at war with Eurasia. We never had an article on the Taoiseach’s daughter.

        1. Catherine McEntee

          @ Betty

          The English monarchy have bestowed their imperialistic tyrannical acts upon Ireland and numerous countries besides.

          You should pick up some unbiased Irish history books for yourself. Tell me then that I’m being unkind.

  1. Starina

    I’ll never understand the posho way of Irish horsing. I grew up on a western horse ranch, where the horses are a bit like giant dogs – you go for long walks through the countryside with them and they’re lively, persnickety critters. none of this prancing, dressage, tails-bound-into-buns carry-on.

    *chews an alfalfa stick ponderously*

    1. Back In Black

      in fairness showjumping is only one aspect of ‘horsing’ here

      we have more down home types who keep ponies etc and race them on public highways

      head out the n81 towards jobstown if you want to get something more street in this department

  2. Mulder

    Princess Ann, explaining, well of course in my day, what one would normally do in a situation, grab the horse by the short and curlies, with one hand, get it by the tail with other hand, that should ehh, grab it`s attention, then can mount it and carry on.
    Not nick named horsey for nothing.

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