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Theresa Moynes writes:

I witnessed the loveliest sight Saturday morning on my way to the [Horse Show] RDS [Ballsbridge, Dublin 4]. Mama Duck was crossing the busiest road with her duckings and all the drivers stopped, got out of their cars and ushered the little family back to their pond.God only knows why they were crossing to the other side, perhaps they wanted to see the Horsies too…


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7 thoughts on “Duck Tales

  1. Caroline

    Unfortunately this story took a turn for the tragic when I was unable to get that theme tune out of my head.

  2. Pádraig

    Well done to all who stopped and helped.

    Decent humane people* out there.

    * (Not including the Neanderthal in Balbriggan who kicked the puppy to death a few days ago). (See DSPCA Facebook page).

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