22 thoughts on “Did You Help Brian In Paris?

  1. Tish Mahorey

    If you ever find yourself in a situation like that overseas, contact the Irish consulate if there is one. They’ll help you. British consulate will help if there is no Irish one. And don’t be ashamed to contact the Salvation Army or something similar. That’s their original purpose, stranded travelers.

    So sounds like Paris is as bad as Temple Bar at the weekend.

    1. graywing

      As an EU citizen any EU consulate will offer assistance to an Irish citizen in trouble where there is no Irish consular presence. Traditionally the British consulate was the obvious choice for an Irish citizen for language reasons, though I don’t know if this will be impacted by Brexit.

  2. Shane

    Good to always hear the positive side of human behaviour.
    There is always more good than bad.

  3. Owen

    Fupp me, some night in Paris. Hope the girl is ok too. Nice to see a good story came out of it.

  4. DubLoony

    Something doesn’t sit right with this.
    French couldn’t help with making a phone call for mugged tourist- really? what with the millions of tourists they deal with every year?

    This happened at 6am on one day – did he only phone the bank to cancel cards but waited til next day to contact friends & family by internet with the €20 he was given?

    I lost my wallet on holiday. Contacted bank, place I was staying & family in an hour. Had western union cash waiting for me within a few hours.

    Not buying it.

    1. graywing

      I reckon that 6am came at the end of their day, rather than the beginning. So contacting companies next day was probably the same calendar date.

      Calling the bank to cancel would be first priority, especially with contactless cards being the norm nowadays. The bank is also a 24-hour phone line, whereas calling an Irish mammy at 5am (Irish time) when you’re on holidays isn’t the best idea. You’d give the poor cratur a heart attack.

      1. DubLoony

        Given the Irish Mammy / heart attack scenario, granted 6am call would not be appreciated. But a call by 10am, with prayer to St. Anthony underway by 10:30.

    2. Caroline

      Yep, this is straight up ridic. I lost my phone and wallet on holiday and cops were no way going to let me use the phone for however long it took to get my cards cancelled. No problemo officers, I just went straight outside and got myself arrested and charged with drunk and disorderly, back in the shop and all of a sudden my phone call is no problem. Rang me ma at 5 in the morning to tell her absolutely sweet F.A. had happened to me and could she cancel me cards and wire me the bitta cash. 10am the next morning I’m back on the beach slugging Peronis.

      If it didn’t happen to everyone the exact same way it did to me, I’m not buying it.

    1. Caroline

      Ridiculous. I’m just back from Europe, I had a great time and I barely got beheaded at all.

  5. Steve knievel

    I was attacked by pro lifers as I was drinking craft beer on wexford street last night. took my fixie and all.

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