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Wednesday July 27Playlist for Pieta: Ham Sandwich, The Young Folk, Sinead White @ Whelan’s, Camden Street, Dublin 2 (€20/€25)

Nialler9 writes:

A mid-week charity fundraiser and 10th anniversary for Pieta House featuring a load of prominent Irish musicians including Ham Sandwich (above), Hudson Taylor, The Young Folk, Roisin O, Elephant, Sinead White aka White Mice, Roisin El Cherif and Galia Arid playing until 1am. All proceeds go directly to Pieta House, the centre for the prevention of self-harm and suicide.

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11 thoughts on “Nialler9’s Gig Of The Week

  1. Eoin

    I gotta admit, though I don’t like their kind of music, I did see Ham Sandwich play the Electric Picnic a few years back and was very impressed with their energy and stage presence. I’d say they’ll be great in a nice medium sized venue like Whelans.

    1. Falcon Crest

      Yep, especially given the sticky-fingered history of some of the “singers” featured. I use that term lightly, as shouting atonally down a mic is not really singing, is it.

      1. bisted

        …so a load of musicians perform in aid of a charity…and it’s the musicians who are labelled sticky-fingered…

          1. Waddy Dilson

            Seriously? Woman makes a mistake more than a decade ago and has paid for it and you’ve to drag it up here when she’s performing for a suicide prevention charity –
            Good work

  2. Tish Mahorey

    I cannot believe you deleted by legs comment.

    You wouldn’t have done that if they were a man’s legs. It’s actually sexist.

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