Fully Half Empty




How was 2015?

Net debt grew from €324m to €890m!

total liabilities grew from €890m in 2014 to €1.44bn!

Bill payers ‘cratered’!!

Right so.

Irish Water’s 2015 annual report, freshly published and parsed by Gavin Sheridan [at link below].

Irish Water’s 2015 annual report (Gavin Sheridan, The Story)

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39 thoughts on “Fully Half Empty

  1. DubLoony

    Given that payments have been suspended, are we really surprised that customer payments are nose diving?

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Anyone else really, really tired of the FG ‘fraperoom’ and the losers who man it?

          1. Steve

            And leave the broadsheet comment section to the 5 same shinnerbots using different names??!!!!

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Yeah, if only those guys post in this here comment section on this moderately well known website, then the IRA wins.

        2. Walter-Ego

          Shinnerbots you say? Anyone who has a different opinion becomes a shinnerbot in your eyes. what a fascinating world you must live in.

          1. Steve

            Didn’t think it would be that easy for you to stumble into but …..so anyone who supports the retention of a single water utility must be an FG shill

          2. Walter-Ego

            No, some Fianna Fall and Labour apologists, Renua and other right wing nutters too.

          3. Steve

            Must….get….final….witty…..retort…..in…..there did it!!!!

            Lolz mate, I enjoyed pointing out your comically hypocritical comment. Jog on.

          4. Walter-Ego

            nope …….beat……you………to………….it.
            Anyone who uses the phrase ‘jog on, mate or Lolz’ in any sort of debate needs to take a good look at where they are going in life.

        3. some old queen

          Oh hi Steve, fancy meeting you again. People will talk. You really must be one of the few LA staff who feel so passionately on this issue…… in that direction.

      1. ahjayzis

        I’d really love to know what level of a fupp-up, sh1tshow of incompetence, mismanagement and generally the poisoning of the well an institution would have to do to get you to acknowledge it’s not fit for purpose.

        Honestly, how far must something like IW insult your intelligence before you even acknowledge people in opposition may have a point?

        I could give Charles Manson a mandate to fix the water pipes in Ireland and you’d be all “Well, he may be a psychotic murderer but “

        1. Steve

          Rabble rabble rabble spin stuff out of stuff i didn’t say rabble rabble rabble

          Funnily enough I agree with all of your points. IW has been a public disaster from day one and the opposition (whatever that means nowadays) have plenty of valid points…including public ownership, protecting the low paid/ families etc and indeed should there be a progressive elements to paying for investment in the water network.

          My only point was on something that everyone ( who isn’t stupid) agrees on, we should have a single utility operating and upgrading the water system. Everything else is up for debate imo.

          1. ahjayzis

            I absolutely agree with a single organisation – sign me up. But not Irish water. We forgive public incompetence too easily already in this country. It should be stripped from Ervia and reformed again.

            I’m open to paying for consumption, minus a free allowance, – but like you the actual capital investment in a new network, the rebuilding of the network, should be a separate project funded how we fund any capital project – progressively through taxation. Labour’s constant conflating of the two is so obvious it’s another insult, and another complete abandonment of any claim they have to being a progressive centre-left party. Flat taxes for universal infrastructure projects are not progressive.

        2. Kieran NYC

          Yes, the set-up was an absolute disaster. But would it not be better (and cheaper) to fix and reform it rather than tearing it apart and starting from Square 1 (but 100s of millions poorer) and having to spend a shedload again to end up with something pretty similar?

  2. Eoin

    Yes. I’m sick of it. I do feel a bit of pity though. Because nobody’s really listening to them. They’ve only got the one non-argument.

  3. ironcorona

    The absolute state of that graph.

    First of all, it should start at 0.

    Secondly, it doesn’t tell us what we think it does. It’s the total amount of Euro paid and not the total number of households making payments.

    The variation in the amount paid isn’t necessarily due to people not paying. It could just be people using less water. We don’t know from that graph what the real story is.

  4. diddy

    How about going cap in hand to the money laundering corporations of Ireland and asking them to pay just a tinchy winchy little bit more tax? actually to hell with that how about the ACTUAL rate of 12.5%… it would stop the government hitting the same people time and time again for tax revenue and do the state some great service.

  5. Mulder

    Know at this rate the Europeans must be looking on, laughing, thinking, this is a joke company or utility it must have been set-up for a joke.
    Mind ye a very expensive one.
    There be a hoke in Irish waters thingey and not just leaking water.
    A very nasty smell.

  6. Steve

    Yeah stopped from Ervia and set up as a single utility / company whatever you want to call it. On the funding of capital investment through progressive taxation I’m not with you but I think it’s a debate that needs to be had. Happy to debate further!! Here’s the bones of an argument i gave to it a while back here.

    Public services should be paid through progressive taxation, completely agree.

    However water services, imo, is different to health and education and other public services. In that the provision of services for water and wastewater is entirely a function of location.

    I know that my kids can attend the local primary school but if my wife gets a job in Galway I know that I can move my kids to a new primary school in galway.

    Similarly I hurt an ankle playing football I know that I can walk into the Mater and be eventually seen to. If I’m cycling down in cork this weekend and I break my collarbone falling off I know I can get eventually seen to in CUH.

    Water and wastewater , like the supply of gas, is different. My house is connected to the public mains. I can’t transfer my house to an area that needs a well that needs its own septic tank and or well. If I sell my house and move to an area that needs its own well and septic tank I need to pay for the installation and upkeep of these. My house’ location determines the effect it has on the service and the need for capital investment in the area.

    That argument falls down slightly in the case where people with their well and tank go on holidays in Ireland to an area on the public system ….but the proportion of time spent on holidays vs at home weakens that point imo.

      1. Steve

        Hello there!!! You’re that person that hates Romanians aren’t you?? Sorry I don’t engage with racists

  7. bisted

    …it’s little surprise to see the FG shills keeping up the chorus but Kellys Heros…hey …that’s above and beyond the call of duty…@Dublooney is like one of those Japanese soldiers emeging from the jungle 30 years later…it’s over boys, let it go…you took the poison chalice from big Phil but go and spend more time with your pensions…

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