Can You Help Bernard?



Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee is currently being detained in the Yongah Hill Detention Centre in Northam, Western Australia due to an error made by the Australian Department of Immigration.

He needs your support.

Troy McNamara writes:

I have enjoyed your site over the years and even contributed to them from time to time in a humorous manor but I am now contacting you about something serious. You could help a young Irish man get out of a terrible situation with a single post.

Could I please ask you to post the petition [see below], which also explains Bernard’s situation, to your readers, asking them to sign it if they’re feeling especially moved.

Release Bernard Lee from unjustified immigration detention (!

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48 thoughts on “Can You Help Bernard?

  1. Ron

    There is an online petition that can signed that can be found on facebook. Already has thousands of signatures

  2. Bob

    Did he not lie about previous criminal convictions on his visa application and was also done for drink driving while in Australia.

  3. Wayne.F

    Below is part of the statement from the Australian Department of Immigration. His visa was cancelled as he had a criminal conviction for Drink Driving in Ireland which he didn’t declare, he has also had some interaction with Australian Police and has been charged with Driving without a licence, police obstruction and drink driving! Maybe a few weeks in detention might be good for the lad.

    This person’s visa was cancelled because he was found not to be of good character. He was issued with a notice of consideration to refuse his visa application, to which he responded.
    The department was not satisfied his reasons met the threshold and that he continued to pose an unacceptable risk to the community so it refused that application. His other visa was then cancelled by operation of law…… “this individual has been detained while arrangements are made for his removal as soon as practicable”.

    1. forfeckssake

      “this individual has been detained while arrangements are made for his removal as soon as practicable”.

      It is practicable on 3rd August. The flight is already booked.

      1. Murtle

        But he has already proven himself to be untrustworthy. They’d be fools to just let him go because he promised he’d go on his own accord next Wednesday. He’s gotten himself in a slight pickle, and now he needs to accept the consequences.

      2. Common Projekts

        Because of his actions – before he entered, as he entered and during his time in the country – it’s now not his choice when he leaves.

  4. Disasta

    Wait wait, 7 years later they decide to consider the drink driving thing?
    Is that correct?

    1. Fully Keen

      Simple enough.

      They have rules.

      Follow them or don’t bother traveling there.

      Some time for reflection might be good for him.

  5. Formerly Known As

    He is going to get kicked out. I can see that the sooner he gets out of the detention centre, the better.

    A chat with the local MP might help. The Libs are in power and hold most of the seats in WA.

  6. newsjustin

    What was the “error made by the Australian Dept of Immigration”?

    Sounds to me like they just rounded up a chancer and they’re now kicking him out.

    1. newsjustin

      Ok. Read it properly now. So it was a mistake but the mistake uncovered stuff that he never told them lucky catch for them so. Not so lucky for Bernard the drink driver.

    2. pedeyw

      Has anyone actually read the petition?
      “officers from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have admitted they made a mistake, and no letter as described was ever issued to Bernard or his lawyer”

      1. newsjustin

        Yes. But after they picked him up, other stuff came to light. Plus he had just 20 days to leave.

        Just put him on the plane on the 3rd I guess.

        1. Clodagh

          That’s the whole point. He accepts his character reference has resulted in his visa cancellation, however the issue here is that he was not notified of the cancellation. He was instead arrested and placed in detention. He has a flight booked home next week, but he won’t be allowed to take it because he will be in detention while the government organises further paperwork. This is what the petition is appealing.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    Fupp right off with your petition! Boyo has convictions both here and in Australia. He deserves what he got for lying and being a drink driving eejit.

    1. pedeyw

      “officers from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have admitted they made a mistake, and no letter as described was ever issued to Bernard or his lawyer”
      Whether or not he has convictions is beside the point. The letter that was the basis of his detention was never sent to him.

      1. newsjustin

        But his lies mean they’re holding it anyway. That’s the thing about people who lie for immigration purposes. They can no longer be trusted to be where they say they’ll be. If they let him out, he might just dissappear.

        1. pedeyw

          That’s a fair point. I tend to not trust officials making “mistakes” on thinkgs like this. It always feels fishy to me.

      2. Cup of tea anyone?

        That is definitely the information on the petition but that does not mean the petition is the whole truth.
        It sounds like he was being detained for the letter thing,
        Then he was being detained for the letter and the lying about prior convictions.
        They realised the letter was to be an error so now he is just detained for lying about convictions

        1. pedeyw

          I’m not disputing his convictions. He should be deported. But his detention still feels dodgy to me. It makes more sense to me to escort him to his already booked flight.

        2. Clodagh

          Hello, I am Clodagh and wrote the petition. Bernard is not bei detained for his convictions, he is being held because the paperwork has not been completed appropriately. His visa has been cancelled because of his convictions, and we are not contesting that. Do you think drink driving deserves a detention sentence? If so, you need a perspective check.

          1. Billy Kremlin

            It very much does. Do you know anyone that has had their life taken from them because of the selfish acts of drink drivers?
            And has he been convicted of this more than once ? Selfish thug.

    2. newsjustin

      Drink driving once can, just about, be forgiven. Drink driving twice (which appears to be what he did, open to correction) marks one out as a selfish pr1ck.

  8. scottser

    There’s some well ropey poo goin on in them detention centres. Good article in yesterdays guardian about it, all legal too

  9. Mulder

    I actually went over and signed the petition before i read some of the comments.
    So guess will not be travelling to Aussie any time soon.
    Still hope they sent him home rather than hold him for months.

  10. read twice

    With all the sheight being served to migrants and refugees on European shores and we’re asked to support this chancer? Why, coz he’s white?

    If only there was a far off penal colony we could send these guys to…

  11. Kdoc1

    I have sympathy for his mother, but not so much for him. Convictions for drink driving, no driving licence, police obstruction and visa application omissions. I think they want to make an example of this lad.

  12. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

    so many armchair lawyers on this thing
    give the lad a break

  13. Kdoc1

    It’s easier to empathise with someone when you share similar characteristics. Your moniker suggests you may have some elements in common with the lad.

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