16 thoughts on “Caught One

  1. Human

    Wow this is loike deep maaaan, loike we are just sheeple being controlled maaaaaan. Pokemon is loike just a form of like control maaaaaan

    1. Waddy Dilson

      These were exactly my thoughts but it just seemed more effort than it was worth to criticise such a lazy and outdated cliched criticism.
      Hate the idea of pokemon go, but for very different reasons. The childification (I know it isn’t a word) of modern adults is embarrassing. Adult men playing childrens computer games, eating sweets and going to childrens films in the cinema.

      1. forfeckssake

        Yeah, and adult men getting paid to play children’s games and other adult men spending most of their leisure time watching the games on TV and talking about them with their friends.

        1. Pretendgineer

          Reads comprehensive histories of the Holy Roman Empire and endlessly debates whether the Von Habsburg dynasty was *really* good for European development in the long term.

          Personally, I find the superior attitude of some people regarding Pokémon Go to be funny. They’ll spend their leisure time catching up on Coronation St, or watching some sport or whatever it is they are interested in but some 20 something office worker walking around the place playing a harmless game is the end of modern adulthood.

  2. Dav

    Call me pedantic, but i don’t remember ash riding pikachu like a horse.
    I know the statement is about how the controlled becomes the controller, but it’s impact gets diluted when it’s portrayed incorrectly

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