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Moving pieces in a race toward a goal along a path overlaid with your choice of social, moral and nationalistic ideals – the classic boardgame format – going strong since the 18th century.

Above (from top): Round the World With Nellie Bly (New York, 1890); Jeu de la Révolution Française (Paris, c.1792); El juego de la Oca (Barcelona, 19th century); Neueste Nordpol-Expedition (Vienna, c.1875); Stoombots Spel (Rotterdam, early19th century) and The Pyramid of History (London, c.1860).

MORE: Progress in Play: Board Games and the Meaning of History (the Public Domain Review) by Gerard Ferrandez.

Take control of a roomful of adjustably jointed dancing robots, you say?

Oh, go on then.

If you’re feeling especially frisky, you can even muck about with the underlying code here.


The Prachov Rocks natural reserve, 5km west of Jičín in the Czech Republic – a spectacularly beautiful sandstone plateau that will be curiously familiar to wanderers of to the mystical RPG vistas of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Pictures 1 and 2 are from the game, the rest are real.

(Pix: Steve Coleman)


A one-sixth scale Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armour action figure from Threexzero, standing 36.8cm tall and complete with light-up helmet, swappable head, detachable armour plates, Assaultron blade and 40 points of articulation.

Yours for about €335 (+P&P).

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Behold the bewilderingly overpopulated, open world, first person, memory-gobbling RPGs of Brilliant Game Studios.

In The Ultimate Battle Simulator (top) players pit vast armies against one another. Above, 300 Jedi knights versus 60,000 medieval foot soldiers. Or if you prefer, a pitched battle between 20,000 Jedi and 20,000 Darth Mauls.

The Black Masses is a far darker and bloodier journey into crowd simulation, as evidenced above (warning: unremitting gore) by a sequence wherein 10,000 zombies are dismembered by a giant blender.


An ingenious creation by amateur engineer Human Controller – a robotised Rubik’s Cube that can solve itself in minutes, whether held in the hand or tumbling over a flat surface.

Geek off on the internal gubbins here.