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Built using Adobe After Effects and inspired by 1980s vector games Battlezone and Star Wars, Stu Maschowitz’s short features a team of pilots who must take on a weapon of mass destruction to save their world.

And here’s how he made it.


A new size comparison video from MetaBall Studios that lines up videogame bogeymen from Little Big Planet’s Sackboy to the leviathans of Gears Of War in order of bulk.

Previously: Know Your Monsters


Make it harder with this chess board made from 64 varied height (1cm – 7cm) plastic cubes on a backlit lightbox with minimalist geometric pieces by Architect Michael Bidner and designer Elke Adam-Bidner.

Yours for €990.


In 1920s Paris, Jennifer uses her artistic skills to solve the mystery of her father’s murder, assisted by the ghost of Oscar Wilde.

Liam Geraghty tweetz:

Wouldn’t you like a Point & Click Adventure Game starring the ghost of Oscar Wilde? I know I bloody would! Fund it!

Jennifer Wilde – A Point & Click Adventure Game (Kickstarter)

The surprisingly lucrative business of competitive videogaming.

You wish you were Sahil Arora Kuro Takhasomi (thanks, Rotide).

But you’re not.

UPDATE: The top ten earners right now (all playing DOTA 2).


Mario and Fafa investigate the sinister disappearance of Super Mario’s first girlfriend.

You know, the one he rescued from Donkey Kong back in the 80s?

That’s the one.


Wired invites four sound designers to explore the psychoacoustics of vintage video games. To wit:

As the games got more complex, so did the audio, and the theories behind it. A loop, or short, repeated section of audio, acts as a recurring cue. Dissonant sounds communicate failure, while consonant ones—think of the sympathetic vibrations of Super Mario Bros.—encourage players to continue. The tones can even mimic human sounds—a modulating synthesizer approximates laughter, like the “wawawawawa” in Duck Hunt.


small_rick_and_morty_monopoly1 small_rick_and_morty_monopoly2small_rick_and_morty_monopoly3

€30 (+ €20P&P) from USAopoly. To wit:

Six collectible metal tokens include Council of Ricks Badge, meeseeks box, portal gun, plumbus, Rick’s car, and Snuffles’ helmet. Custom flooble cranks and gobble boxes replace traditional houses and hotels.