Sources in Rio have revealed that the boxer was tested in recent days and a banned substance is believed to have shown up in the sample.

Officially, no confirmation of the alleged positive sample has been given by Sport Ireland or the Olympic Council of Ireland.

It is understood that the boxer was subjected to a domestic test in Ireland before travelling to Rio, but news of the positive sample only emerged earlier today.

…the boxer faces the possibility of being banned from competing in the games which are due to commence tomorrow.

UPDATE: Irish boxer fails drug test on eve of Rio Olympics, reports (Daniel McConnell, Irish Examiner)


Irish boxing team captain Paddy Barnes, who will carry the Irish flag at tomorrow’s opening ceremony, intervenes.

More as we get it.


Michael O’Reilly?

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38 thoughts on “Low Blow

  1. Cot

    I’d be doubtful whether there was one person in sport at the professional level who wasn’t on drugs. it’s rampant in rugby, soccer, golf, etc.

  2. Mulder

    More look at the logo of the Rio games, the more it looks like a pharma company logo.
    Though ye know.

  3. steve knievel

    Thought it was odd that Michael Carruth said on Rte two weeks ago that boxers dont take drugs because it cant help you take the punches. they can make you train harder though.

    1. Charlie

      They don’t make you train harder. The only thing that makes an athlete train harder is himself/herself. At best they allow the body to recover quicker.

      1. Owen

        Recover quicker,…… so you can train harder. If you’re head strong and dedicated over coming body fatigue is the hard part.

        Also, EPO massively increases CV/engine, so it actually allows you train harder for longer. Testosterone enhancers also make you train harder for longer, and both are very hard to trace.

        On a side note, Adam Nolan said something interesting when interviewed, that ‘even a recreational drug will get you banned’. I thought that was an odd thing to say. Perhaps hinting at something. I’m guessing, yes, but odd to volunteer that info.

        1. Charlie

          A combination of a few allow you to recover quicker and train longer…if that’s what you want of course but none “make” you train harder.

  4. ReproBertie

    AIBA has said they have no reports of any boxers failing drug tests so all boxers were included in this afternoon’s draws.

  5. jimmy russell

    this is a mistake or he is being framed up by sabotage theres no way an irish athlete could use ped’s only russia dopes up their olympic athletes

    1. fromexperience

      Scary thing is that the Russians with their state sponsored programme dhould be cleaning up but they didnt make a clean sweep at the last olympics…make ya wonder what the rest of the narional teams are up to

    1. ReproBertie

      I’ve only seen that as a suggestion along with his history of discipline issues. Has the drug been confirmed anywhere?

    1. Rugbyfan

      True but every sport needs to be watched with there is some element of performance enhancement substance being taken. Happening everywhere in every sport.

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