‘A Disaster That Will Shame Humanitarian Organisations Forever’


This afternoon.

A representative of the Syrian Civil Defence (The White Helmets) addresses a UN Security Council Arria-Formula Open Meeting on besieged Aleppo.

He said:

“We are speaking about a siege of 350,000 people, not 10, or 50, or a 100 people. We are talking about 350,000 humans. A huge humanitarian disaster that will shame humanitarian organisations forever.”

Belfast-born Anna Nolan, director of The Syria Campaign, tweetz:

Dark day for international community when Syrian Civil Defence who are picking up the bodies also have to tell UNSC [United Nations Security Council] to do their jobs…

Watch the meeting live here.

Video via Anna Nolan

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3 thoughts on “‘A Disaster That Will Shame Humanitarian Organisations Forever’

  1. Human

    Not Irelands problem.

    Let the USA, Canada and Russia help these people. Massive countries with large cities big enough to absorb these people.

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