100 thoughts on “Impossible Is Nothing

  1. AssPants

    Come back to us in 6 months and tell us all how the friendship is going; and more importantly why/if you think it helps both parties to get on with the rest of their lives?

    1. Waddy Dilson

      I’ve done it before and all it causes is friction with current partners, so in the interests of sanity cut them loose.

    1. moould

      there’s youtube channel self-involved, and then there’s a half an hour on your relationship crap self-involved

  2. Clampers Outside!

    There is no ‘how to’ about this… it happens or it doesn’t. If you feel the need to look at this video to find out how, then it won’t, just face it.
    I mean seriously, if you can’t be arsed making a relationship work, why go to all the effort of trying to make a friendship with that person work when your effort would be better served looking for someone new or enjoying your own time. It should happen all by itself or you’re forcing it… IMO / experience.

    And what AssPants said.


  3. Willie Banjo

    Between this and the French wedding yesterday, Broadsheet is turning into the Sindo. [Redacted] is probably buying BS shares as I type and is secretly building up his controlling stake.

  4. MrGavoB

    Burned bridges and scorched earth. That’s how it’s done. Anything else and you’re not doing breakups properly.

  5. Bort

    Yea it’s easier to be friends with your ex if you clearly were never mad into each other or particularly attracted to each other. It’s a much different scenario when you were either both (or one of you) was madly in love with other or even more difficult when lust was a major factor and even when you hated each other you couldn’t help jumping the bones off each other.

    1. pedeyw

      I’d argue if you hated each other you weren’t really in a proper relationship, you just wanted the ride.

      1. Caroline

        And I’d argue you need to find out about other kinds of relationships.

        (Then things would escalate.)

    1. J

      No doubt the twitter bio reads as … editor, director,actor, writer ,radical feminist , socially liberal ethical liberalist , animal rescuer, proud mummy/daddy
      # Hashtags for the homogenised.
      # where is the mystery?
      #nobody really cares

          1. ahjayzis

            Literally on the edge of my seat for the video where you discuss how regularly you use the bog and why or what brand of wallpaper paste you swear by.

        1. RTE

          What are you calling her ‘this person’ for? She was replying to your comments above, being very polite and friendly and you never even engaged with her and now here’s you down here all snarky and poisonous. Poor manners Waddy, troll or not.

        2. RTE

          Dont be silly Clamps. Rosemary’s friendly replies to Waddy are at the top of this thread. Look again.

  6. steve knievel

    I couldnt last for the 30 minutes. was waiting for craft beer to make an appearance. Very self-important. There is a world out there beyond beards and large framed glasses.

  7. Tam

    Rosemary you are playing a blinder with your polite and witty replies. Some commentators are just plain rude. They think you are self important for posting a video that they can’t be bothered watching but some how they have the time to leave snide comments.

  8. Rosemary Mac Cabe

    Hi AssPants!

    Well, I’ve been “broadcasting” my life now for almost a decade, in one form or another, and have no regrets thus far, so I’m not hugely worried!

    Believe it or not, there are things about which I “hold my water”, at least temporarily, and see how I feel about them before I decide to share (or not). In this instance, Liam makes an appearance on my social media channels a lot, and people frequently ask how we managed to stay friends, and so on, so I decided to do a video rather than replying to everyone individually. (I mean, that makes it sound like I get thousands of comments, which I don’t, but probably around 50 questions in total!)

    I don’t feel everybody should know my “personal” business, really, but I guess my definitions of the same are shifting all the time – and in 2016, it feels like there’s very little (about anyone’s life, especially someone with an online profile) that is personal or private. That’s not something I necessarily think is a bad thing, OR a good thing – it’s just how it is.

    So: thank you for the advice, but I think I’ll be okay :D

    1. Neilo

      Hi Rosemary, always enjoyed your fashion blog in the Times – hope this still going in some other area.

      1. Rosemary Mac Cabe

        Hi Neilo,

        Thanks so much – I blog on my own site http://www.rosemarymaccabe.com, but only occasionally about fashion. I blame The True Cost for ruining fashion for me almost entirely, but I guess it’s more that I just got tired of writing about the same thing, and in Ireland the industry is so small that you basically just end up writing about “here’s what to buy today” which, snore!

        But I hope you find some stuff on my site you might like all the same! STI tests, social media obsession, selfies… :-p

    1. Rosemary Mac Cabe

      Genuine question Cynic3000: what do you mean by that? Because I pay tax, for one; I also do a lot of speaking on mental health and depression; I’ve written about representation of women, sexism, gender discrimination and health. I’d consider that a lot of what I do is actually contributing to society, even if some other parts of what are do are lighter and perhaps more frivolous! We all just try our best, right?

      1. Tsk

        Ah sure, that’s hardly a contribution compared to what cynic3000 does for humanity. Having time to write troll comments like that are surely a mark of someone who does great things!

        1. Caroline

          He never said he does great things. He puts on his trousers like everyone else, one leg at a time. Then he looks at yours and says they’re sh*t.

          1. Tsk

            I didn’t need a explanation of how a begrudging misanthrope gets through the day but thanks all the same Caroline! Must’ve hit a raw note on your own outlook. Maybe try looking into that?

          2. Caroline

            My comment wasn’t even remotely at your expense, but you’ve still self-immolated.

            Hmm. *makes note on clipboard*

          3. Tsk

            My sincerest apologies. Wait, who were you referencing with the “he never said he does great things” remark below my comment, then? Nobody else mentioned that. *Cringes for Caroline*

  9. Steve

    Fair play Rosemary , interesting video, keep up the good work . Like the Repeal jumper wearing

    1. Rosemary Mac Cabe

      I should’ve worn it in this video, but I don’t think it had arrived – then again, maybe that’d make the video age quite badly, and I want this to be brilliant forever, like Cinema Paradiso :D

      1. Steve

        My wife and her mates get great motivation off your weight loss/staying fit clips/posts.

        Keep up the good work …(again)

  10. rotide

    Fair play to you for engaging and remaining polite Rosemary.

    I’m going to take this oppurtunity to ask a genuine real life self-described ‘influencer’ some questions.

    Do you really actually describe yourself as an influencer? Have you any idea how this sounds to people who don’t deal with social media branding?

    1. ahjayzis

      She’s influenced us to despair at the trajectory of humanity and of public discourse a bit more though, I mean you have to hand her that.

    2. Rosemary Mac Cabe


      In answer to your question – I do sometimes! If I still had a LinkedIn, I guess it would be there, but mostly I use the term with Joey-from-Friends air quotes, or an exaggerated cringe gesture.

      The thing is, it IS a title now – it’s how I make some (definitely not all, or even the majority) of my income. I will work with brands and do posts across my social media channels for a fee, which I think is the definition of “social media / digital influencer”, but it is a weird term and feels like a brag.

      Then again, in these situations, I often ask myself: what would my American self say? And I think she’d be like, “yeah, through years growing my social media following and working on my online brand, I’m at a point now where I can hold my head high and call myself an influencer! It’s not where I set out to be, or necessarily where I wanted to be at this point, but if it means that I can create content that I’m interested in and I’m proud of, across a series of platforms I really enjoy engaging on, then that’s pretty great!” She’d also have whiter teeth than me, but that’s America for you.

      1. ahjayzis

        You sell sh1t, love. You may not be going door to door like the olden days, but you’re a salesperson with an insidious 21st century twist.

      2. rotide

        I should preface this with ‘im asking out of genuine curiosity and have an ‘influencer’ answering’ so i don’t seem like a total jerk, but you are basically marketing/advertising?

        The advent of digital and viral marketing has given rise to phrases like ‘digital influencer’ which seems to me is like a contrived term for a marketeer to try and raise themselves above the scruff of advertising and retain the chops to do more political stuff as you seem to.

        1. Rosemary Mac Cabe

          Honestly, I’m not sure. I started out as a journalist; now, I’d consider myself primarily a blogger. The majority of my content is independent / editorial – I write what I want, how I want, without any outside influences, or money changing hands. Same goes for YouTube videos.

          Other times, I will create content in collaboration with a brand – say, a YouTube video, or a blog post with a series of social media promotions. I consider it along the same lines as “advertorial” in a magazine, but now we like to call it “native”! I don’t think that doing the occasional paid promotion means that I’m suddenly NOT a journalist, and automatically a marketeer… But like I said, I’m not sure. It’s such a grey area, and we’re all still figuring it out.

          Ultimately, what I try really hard to do is to create good content – whether that’s in writing, on video or on social media. I’m a communicator, first and foremost, and my ultimate aim would be to be able to make money from writing – and filming – what I want, when I want. (That’s such a special snowflake 21st century ambition, I know.) Ultimately, if you want to make money online, you’re talking about working in native – because banner advertising doesn’t work any more.

          Not to labour the point, but there are certain things I try really hard not to do; as much as I can, I won’t write what I’m told or allow brands to feed me lines, or to provide photography. I try to create my own content, which is worded and crafted by me, rather than just being a mouthpiece through which brands do their marketing. I’ve built up a following that (I think) is interested in me as a “personality” (again, cringe but true), so anything I do has to bear that in mind – asking, is this something I’m interested in, as a way of finding out if my audience will be interested in it.

          I don’t baulk at the accusation that I “sell sh1t”, really, because sometimes I do – but I try to make sure it’s sh1t I’d buy myself :D

          1. rotide

            Fair play for the honest answer.

            As much as i cringe at the term influencer (and if I’m being honest, I still cringe at the term ‘blogger’), you at least aren’t pretending to be anything you aren’t or selling snakeoil and holy jesus, there is a lot of those types around when it comes to influencing.

            Cheers Rosemary, good luck with whatever it is that you do ;)

  11. Junkface

    Ugghhh….cringe. I hate all this stuff. Social media influencer! Yeeeesh! People are becoming living ads. The modern world is getting more obnoxious by the day.

    Let me off!

      1. pedeyw

        There have always been sponsorehip deals, and people writing copy. This is just an extension of that.

  12. steve knievel

    Yes it is basically selling, they used to call them snakeoil salesmen. influencer my rear end.

  13. Dawson

    I haven’t seen a romantic relationship this convincing since Richard Gere and Jodie Foster in “Sommersby”.

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