It’s Too Big




Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform,Paschal Donohoe, TD,

This afternoon

The Public Services Card Centre, D’Olier House, Dublin.

Pascahl Donohoe ‘registers’ for a comedy-sized Public Services Card (PSC) with the Department of Social Protection.

Mr Donohoe called on all those over age 18 “who have not yet signed up for a PSC to do so at their earliest convenience”.

He said

“The PSC is designed to assist people in accessing a range of government services. Initially, this will be focused on social welfare payments such as child and jobseekerss’ benefits, as well as the free travel pass and state pensions….”



Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

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16 thoughts on “It’s Too Big

  1. pedeyw

    My main issue with the “new” social services card is why isn’t there a date of birth on it? Seems pretty silly to me, it could have doubled as an age card with very little extra effort.

  2. Truth in the News

    The card has been around with ages and is the ongoing attempt by goverment
    to keep tabs and spy on us, imagine how usefull it is to them when they integrate
    you postal code, your Irish Water account records. HSE hospital Number, the
    police pulse number, the end game is you have no privacy, from a goverment
    or its agencies that everything they do. they conceal from you the Citizen
    Donohoe has a big head and the over sized card just fits his head in nicely. Would there be a data block reserved on the card to record what pension and
    perks he will get, when he gets the road, like Joan before him.

  3. veritas

    If you use this card as identity when collecting package from an post they harvest your rsi number from the back and enter it on their computer.

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