11 thoughts on “Below Standard

  1. Hank

    Perhaps Graeme hasn’t clicked refresh since 3am as he sat, staring at his monitor, preparing to be outraged..

  2. eamonn clancy

    Yes, Irish Standard Time is a thing. Brace yourself; the Titanic sunk. Best crawl back under the rock you appear to have been living under.

    1. Fionn

      no, it is Irish Standard Time during the summer time while we have daylight saving time going on. something I only learned recently

      1. ivan

        Is that why for six months of the year, the system time of the PS3, despite being set to GMT can be wrong. GMT is not the same as British (oh alright Irish) Standard Time

        1. Fionn

          well, I don’t play the PS3 but yes I suppose so.
          Actually Irish standard time last for 7 months from end March to end of October.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    They are having a problem with their systems and are ‘aware of the problem’. It is also affecting some ATM transactions

  4. RedSteve

    I tried to lodge some money today and none of the machines were working. Turned out very few systems were working in the bank, they couldn’t seem to do anything for customers.

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