Pat Hickey, Olympic Council of Ireland

“We met a situation where a body that is supported by the taxpayer is now refusing to let representatives of that taxpayer to be part of this inquiry. It is something I take extremely seriously and the mood was very, very sombre indeed.

“It is a terrible spectacle and I think the OCI simply has its head in the sand over this issue…I think they feel somehow they are above accountability to the Irish people and to the government and that situation cannot be allowed to continue.”

Minister for Sport Shane Ross following a meeting with Pat Hickey in Rio last night

“(Mr Ross and I) had a great exchange of views. I’m restrained with what I can say because (I received) senior council’s opinion two days ago, which is that while there is an Irish citizen in jail that we have to be extremely careful in what we disclose.

He is innocent until proven guilty and anything we can say in disclosing would be prejudicial to a fair trial so we can do nothing until this trial has finished its natural course.”

Statement from Pat Hickey

Shane Ross and Pat Hickey hold ‘tense, frank’ meeting over tickets (Tom Hennigan, Irish Times)

Ticket row deepens as Pat Hickey refuses to answer Shane Ross’s questions in Rio (

Pic: IOC

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22 thoughts on “Toutragous

  1. Owen

    That lad Pat Hickey is a throw back to pre-Ireland recession (and pending Ireland returning attitude). Not only is he acting like an idiot on this issue, and denying an independent review (it a public body, not his private company as he clearly thinks) but he also announced that he will step down after the Olympics and is handing over the role to his deputy, who is handing over their role to dope John The Dope Delaney.

    Its a public body, you can’t simple decide who get the top job. Talk about jobs for the boyos.

    1. De Kloot

      But that’s the thing – the OCI is not a public body. It’s completely private – as is the FAI, the IRFU and the GAA. They are pretty much a law onto themselves with very little oversight – they absolutely can decide who the next boss is with zero input from the State, regardless of your thoughts on the matter. Political masters will come and go, but these bodies will remain. They are integrated into all aspects of sporting live and they are an immensely powerful and influential group of organisation. I’m pretty certain that this will blow over with some dolt in Rio hung out to dry, Hickey and his kin will be fine and the gravy train will stay on track and on time.

      1. Owen

        Fair point. I thought they were fully funded by public money, but seems they are only partly funded by public money. In any event, he is past time to go.

  2. Kolmo

    Is there any appetite for an Anti-Corruption force like they have in other countries, with actual teeth and maybe a couple machine guns or machetes, fast cars, maybe some flashing lights, a few no-nonsense investigators, just to shake up the many troughs a bit

    1. Bob

      It’d be a case of turkeys voting for Christmas. The people who’d be charged with setting up that force are the ones who would be investigated by it.

  3. some old queen

    Disclosing the requested information to the resonible minister is not the same as making it public so there would be no interference in the ongoing criminal case in Rio.

    A lot of these guys hide behind ‘legal advice’ when it suits them.

  4. DubLoony

    Can’t believe they won’t have an independent rep on the investigation.
    OCI get allocation of tickets, they use legit re-seller who is on the ground in Rio. Punters buy legit tickets but they are being sold above going rate, according to authorities there.
    Surely the basic facts should be known by now & ticket chain understood.

    Hickey seems utterly oblivious to the size of this story internationally. He needs to go now & a few others with him.
    As above, Ross finally has a grownup job to to.

  5. Philip

    Remindsme about the stories about the FAI being their own ticket tout and selling tickets outside the stadiums in Italia 90. Shenanigans

    1. Paul

      same as Ticketmaster and Seatwave now (unless I’m mistaken). Ticket for event A for 50e, Ticketmaster move a big lump of tickets from their main site to Seatwave before they go on sale and sell for 100e.

  6. veritas

    Prat Hickeys case is that you must not let facts influence any trial not unlike the Provo mantra of whatever you say say nothing.
    If someone commits a crime then they are guilty of that crime,they have a right to be treated as innocent until convicted but they are guilty from the moment the crime was committed and not just from the time of being convicted. Using Prats logic we could claim Jimmy Saville was never guilty of any wrongdoing.

  7. bsteve knievel

    Is Sonia O’Sullivan on the OCI committee. their website says she is but surely she would be in Rio then.

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