We Just Can’t Win


Conlan robbed of Olympic medal by judges (RTE News)

Spaghetti Hoop writes:

Daylight robbery as Michael Conlan denied Olympic medal by more farcical judging. All three judges somehow went for his Russian opponent in the first and third rounds.



You’ll never beat the Irish.

Take that, sailing world.

Eat my sail.


Murphy magic in Rio as Ireland secure silver (RTÉ)

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39 thoughts on “We Just Can’t Win

  1. Tish Mahorey

    This is a rubbish Olympics. Not just the Irish team problems but the whole thing is a mess really.

    That’s what corruption does. Makes money for a few, screws up everything for everyone else.

    1. Rugbyfan

      Meanwhile everytime you turn on the BBC , god save the queen is being belted out for another Gold medal. It has to be more than just funding!

      1. Owen

        Its drugs pal. I’m confident a number of the UK gold medalists are taking something, and I’m guessing there is one taking EPO.

          1. Owen

            100% agree! No way is Mo on the gear. He is actually publicly AGAINST drugs. It was only his running partner and his coach involved in EPO, remember? And remember then, him being so straight, that when he found out he quickly changed coaches cause that’s totally not what he’s into.

          2. Custo

            It was his FAULTY DOORBELL not his desire to hide the fact that he is gobbling up bowls of EPO and cortosteroids for breakfast. His DOORBELL.

        1. Rugbyfan

          Has to be, The rise and rise of these athletes is astonishing! BBC don’t ask any tough questions for example Cavindish knocking over the Korean in the Track cycling, crash wasn’t even mentioned in the post race interview.

        2. classter

          Definitely some of TeamGB are doping but ‘Its drugs pal’ is pathetic.

          The UK has pumped money in Olympic sports over the last 20 years. They have also put effective structures in place – importing decent coaches, imposing proper plans & cutting funding on sports which were not performing.

          They have also done some smart but possibly less laudable things like concentrate on sports which have a high financial bar to entry like sailing & (don’t laugh, you need a fecking velodrome) cycling.

          They have gone from 36th in the medal table in 1996 to second (so far) this year.

          Meanwhile we have Hickey & Treacy & Carruth & a host of duffers, msot of whom have had their positions for eons. Athletes aren’t spotted, developed, coached properly. Decent athletes aren’t even treated very respectfully a lot of the time. And a s a result we win less medals per capita than almost any country against whom we compare ourselves in other areas.

          1. Owen

            Yeah, fair point. I was only commenting for the craic on the ‘Its drugs pal’. I know its not ALL drugs. However, to our defense, we did similar in boxing after Sydney. We set out a long term plan of improvement and investment in boxing, and in 2 games (post Athens success plan) came home with 8 medals in one sport. That plan was developed and managed by Billy Walsh. Now look, gone in a week. I can’t see more money going into boxing now.

      2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

        Lovely shiny UK medals – I’ll adopt them and take them as my own!

  2. Flashsean

    A complete joke , all 3 judges are in someone’s pockets. The Russians are a disgrace to sport

    1. Custo

      I agree. But don’t forget the irish cheat who was trying to win by using drugs though. Or the guy who doped his horse. Or Michelle Smith. We’re all in the same boat.

      1. rotide

        while I agree that our copybook isn’t clean, There is a world of a difference between a few athletes cheating and a state sponsored doping programme and quite clearly state bribery.

        The Russians are a disgrace and the world of sport wouldn’t miss them for a second.

          1. rotide

            I don’t remember evidence of the FBI raiding labs and taking samples away and replacing them with other mysterious samples?

  3. Murtles

    He’s 100% right, you wouldn’t have to be au fait with the ins and outs of boxing to see that he was the more dominant and more skillful boxer in every round. Nikitin had to get attention twice such was Conlons force and yet the Russian won. Backhanders all round to them judges, and absolute farce of a scorecard.

    1. Owen

      Exactly, the IABA is corrupt. The heavy weight decision was Kazakhstans version of Michael Conlon. Who cares what nationality the judges are. The IABA is corrupt. If any judge is found to be cheating, or giving favoritism, get rid of them.

      They should be punished more then any cheating athlete.

    1. Junkface

      Jesus! I saw the heavyweight boxing final last night where the Kazakhstani fighter was totally robbed. Russia got the gold of course. How much did Putin spend on paying off the judges? Russia probably should have been banned from this Olympics.

  4. Joe cool

    There was a report in the guardian a few weeks ago accusing that the Russians had already paid off the judges

  5. dav

    the high performance unit should be closed down….. and the money used to bribe judges = success!

  6. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    People only protest this much when they have a secret Katy folder on their laptop.

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