Back In Your Box




Advice to Pat Hickey (top) reportedly from barrister Siobhán Phelan (above)

Rio-based journalist Tariq Panja writes:

Good times.

Earlier: Chutzpals

Pat Hickey Artrested And Hospitalised In Rio


OCIRest up big man.


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59 thoughts on “Back In Your Box

    1. De Kloot

      Now that would be some sight and it’s right up his alley…. He gave FIFA a serious doing and I’d imagine Sunday’s show – save for the current Trump/Breitbart ‘mashup’ – could be on he schedule.

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      I don’t think Siobhán is going to be too happy about this, and with some justification too. From the screenshot above it is not clear whether Barry McCarthy is paraphrasing a conversation he had with Phelan or whether he has copied and pasted the content from written correspondence with her. Either way, Barry McCarthy is the author of the featured email and, considering the abundant use of inverted commas and brackets in the email, it is irresponsible to accredit the email to Siobhan Phelan alongside a prominent profile photo of her. In fairness…

      1. rotide

        That’s actually a really good point. This article might not last too long.

        You know all that legal mumbo jumbo at the end of an email where it says ‘any dealingas you have blah blah no re-transmission, dissemination etc etc’. Does any of that actually hold any water?

        1. Cop On

          “You know all that legal mumbo jumbo at the end of an email where it says ‘any dealingas you have blah blah no re-transmission, dissemination etc etc’. Does any of that actually hold any water?”


      2. kerryview

        Well said, Mr. Camomile. Citizen journalism is bringing us back to the pamphleteers era. Of course Broadsheet would uphold the all finest traditions of journalism, such as checking the so called ‘facts’.

        But that’s just my opinion. I’m not a journalist, just a regular punter.

  1. Bacchus

    She’s not wrong either… Ross is trying to make up for 100 days of taking no decisions and frankly sitting on his arse in his Kildare St office and he’s so desperate to appear as if he’s doing something now that he’s swinging wildly at “black markets” and anything else he thinks will get him a headline.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      The Irish public funds the IOC and as Minister for Sport, it is Ross who should put Hickey “back in his box”.

      This legal advice (more like PR advice really) is disrespectful and displays contempt for the Irish public.

      1. Bacchus

        Ross could do his job professionally or he could react they way he has… which ironically is 100% PR and 100% ineffective.

        1. forfeckssake

          What did you want him to do that he hasn’t done? What have previous transport/sport ministers done in their first 100 days? How do you know what he is doing day to day anyway? not everything ministers do is automatically public.

          1. forfeckssake

            Nice, yes blame my ignorance to cover up that you can’t make any actual criticism of what Shane Ross has done or failed to do.

        1. Bacchus

          another one.
          What bias? I’m saying Ross is incompetent and alluded to the fact that Hickey and the OCI have been known to be dodgy for ages. Is it my bias against morons? please, take it personally.

  2. some old queen

    I expect that the police and judge felt they had good reason to make this arrest as well as issuing international warrants. Is it only two Irish companies which are involved or are there more?

    1. Bacchus

      What’s he calling it? Ross has found himself out of his depth as a minister and is flailing around… all mouth and no spine.

        1. Bacchus

          Are you actually accusing me of shilling for Hickey? Now I remember why I don’t bother coming here much anymore. Morons… morons everywhere.

          1. Kennysmells

            “We met a situation where a body that is supported by the taxpayer is now refusing to let representatives of that taxpayer to be part of this inquiry. It is something I take extremely seriously and the mood was very, very sombre indeed.

            “It is a terrible spectacle and I think the OCI simply has its head in the sand over this issue…I think they feel somehow they are above accountability to the Irish people and to the government and that situation cannot be allowed to continue.”

            Minister for Sport Shane Ross following a meeting with Pat Hickey in Rio.

            How the fup is that flapping about.

            Please explain shillus

          2. Sheik Yahbouti

            Exactly, Kennysmell. He is actually doing what he SHOULD be doing – and I hold no brief for Ross – to big a whiff of PD for my liking. Nonetheless he is acting within his brief.

      1. forfeckssake

        What most ministers would have done would be to express their support for the good work of Pat Hickey and the OCI and expressed their intention to work closely with him to resolve this. Then today he would have looked like an idiot.

        This what Alan Shatter did with the Garda Commissioner and we know how that worked out.

        1. Bacchus

          Absolutely not. Most ministers would have a made a bland non-committal statement until they knew what the hell was going on. The OCI looked very dodgy anyway and then with the ticket scandal it was time to back off… only a minister who ignores his advisors would make a statement of support.

  3. rotide

    This is pretty much what lawyers do and it always reads this badly.

    It might come as a shock but somewhere a similar set of points is being drafted for Pat.

  4. Chris

    Pat put Shane back in his box. The Brazilians then found a box for Pat so he doesn’t feel left out.

  5. Kdoc1

    Hickey appears to have, more or less, told one our democratically representatives to Foxtrot Oscar – when it comes to seeking consular assistance he should be told likewise.

  6. Moroccan rug dealer

    Phelan has historic hallmark of new Attorney General. Put Charlie Flanagan into the loop now and we a replay of 3 Muskateers. Ireland # World Shame # Shove Water Bills up your jacksie # RTE joke# Presenters paid treple than u.k prime minister # More than US president# Joke# Power corrupts##

  7. Trouble

    How is it inappropriate for “politicians to be working to a political agenda” ? Surely that’s their job.

  8. Swag

    This is a communication between a solicitor and client. It is nothing short of outrageous that the absolute privilege normally accorded to such communications has been so casually disregarded for the titillation of the mass media.

  9. Trust in the News

    Ross did not need to go to Rio along with a lot more from RTE which is a waste and
    a disgrace, while Ross is trying to get answers and being stonewalled, the ultimate
    people who have investigative powers are the Guards with a little help from Europol
    Why has not an investigation commenced in Ireland, serious allegations are being
    made they need to be inquired into, was the OCI untouchable.

  10. AmbushedByaFlowerpot

    There must be lots of road left in this story…anyone notice mighty leader Dame Enda hasn’t made a statement yet…?

  11. Joe

    Shane Ross should never have gone to Rio. We have these things called a telephone, he should have used that. Why is he not getting called out for going on a jolly on our expense.

    1. nellyb

      Neither should have Hickey’s family. We have that thing called skype. This way lady Hickey didn’t have to lie about her husband fleeing Brazil

    2. Nigel

      probably when everyone gets over the shocking spectacle of a public official actually making an effort to get to the bottom of something and showing us all just how degraded the authority of our public officials has become and how insulated Hickey felt against any accountability in Ireland. I don’t think we were supposed to see any of that.

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