Lemon & Jock





Above, from left: Jamie Heaslip; Sean O’Brien, Dave Kearney and Rob Kearney 

Lemon & Duke

Formerly The Grafton Lounge and, during the boom, Cocoon, petrolhead playboy Eddie “The Swerve’ Irvine’s personal fleshpot.

Lemon Street and Duke Lane Upper, Dublin 2

Sasko writes:

Lemon & Duke. Dublin’s newest bar opens today. Good food, tank beer, a unique draught range and a stylish but welcoming vibe, the all new Lemon & Duke is the latest venture by former rugby pros Rob and Dave Kearney, Sean O’Brien and Jamie Heaslip with business partner Noel Anderson, follows their recently extended Ballsbridge [Dublin 4] bar The Bridge 1859.


*snaps wet towel*

Chinese Burn!


Sasko Lazarov/Roillingnews

48 thoughts on “Lemon & Jock

    1. 15 cent

      more so than palying rugby it seems. theyre mad for other jobs. maybe that’s why theses particular ones arent much at rugby any more.

  1. Harry Molloy

    Hated the Grafton Lounge, always full of knobs, though the staff were sound.

    Looks like a decent facelift. What’s tank beer?

    1. Harry Molloy

      why is it called lemon & Duke I wonder?

      you have access from Duke St so maybe that’s half of it

    2. rotide

      yeah, the grafton lounge was pox. I was never able to get over the fact that when it opened, yer woman Louise from Fade St was the hostess. Spoke volumes.

    3. Donger

      No they’re not. Asked for cash back one night. Yer wan was at machine came back and said, sorry it’s broke. I didn’t trust her so I checked on the Monday and €100 had been withdrawn. She thought I was drinker than I was obviously. Gave manager an earful

      1. Murtles

        Thought that was called a keg? Deffo have to go there when it’s three deep at the bar and have people lift me up lineout style to shout for a beer.

      2. Mourinho

        Beer that doesn’t “go off” as quick.

        Can be stored up to 3 months instead of (up to) 1 week.

    1. Bob

      Served from a tank, I think to avoid paying excise (think that’s only paid once it’s out of the processing containers. Although I’m probably wrong).

      1. rotide

        I love the fact that you’re on top of any working class jibes like a cobra with an offended sense of justice, but first in the queue to generalise when it comes to anything else.

  2. fluffybiscuits

    “Roysh lads lets ditch the Heino, its kinda loike being drunk now by middle claw-se sorta fola ya know, lets do some sort of those loike craft beers, haw haw, Robbo what say you”

    I wont be near it…

  3. 15 cent

    Heaslip can’t keep away from side projects .. although running restaurants, bars etc. is a big task so not really side projects. WHich might explain his complacency on the field the last few years. Not fully focused on rugby. Rob Kearney is right to get into this, as his career should be dwindling down now, hasn’t been good in a long time, very wooden in movement and very predictable. Dave is still alright, not as good as before, he should probably concentrate on rugby for now, but he’s in this so that’ll be quite a block to him gettin back on top. O’Brien hasn’t been anywhere near his old form in a while, and with one eye on this venture i doubt he’ll get back to it either. Surprised Healy isn’t involved, he’s another one who likes to drift away from his profession and try his hand at being a celebrity. Will be a good 6 nations for the other 5 nations next year.

    As for the bar itself .. yaaaaaaaawwwwwwn .. theyre everywhere now, and all look identical. Nothing unique goin on here, other than tagging on to a dying trend.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    If it helps take some of the rugby hangers on out of Kehoes then good.

    Ah, Bill from Kehoes. Made you move up the bench to let more people in.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      He used to park his car illegally outside and it was always getting clamped.
      Totally cool.

  5. MyName?

    That shop front looks terrible. Why go to the bother of putting in new Windows and a new sign if they’re going to leave the big dirty grey facade. Looks a bit half arsed.

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